Chakra Light, Radiance, Karma -Table only


This reading is only for those who have had previous readings with us, who have passed the 4th initiation and now only want to know their percentages. This reading is in table form and does not give any other information other than chakra radiance, chakra vibrancy and karma. There are no comparisons, suggestions or other notifications of change, for that information you will need to order the more comprehensive Chakra Light, Radiance, Karma & Initiation only reading or the Ascension reading - Update.

This see'er service is offered by Waireti and Verna Maru-ata. Waireti has dimensional sight and will see your light’s vibrancy, radiance and karma.

After your purchase of this reading, send a full length, recent photo of yourself using our Contact page. We ask for recent photos facing the camera with space above the head and below the feet. 

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