Blessing oil


This powerful Blessing oil was created by Cosmic Master Sanat Kumara in the Ascended Masters' portal in New Zealand.

The intention of this oil is to bestow Sanat Kumara's powerful blessing on others. It is for healers, mediation group leaders, and those just wanting to assist the Master in bestowing his blessing.

We have observed Sanat Kumara's Blessing oil expands the aura, separates the bodies, and anchors his blessing in the heart chakra for about 72 hours. It is no surprise the energetic colour of the oil is pink.

Cosmic Master Sanat Kumara has created blessings in every cell of this oil.

The blessing is released by contact with the third eye.

This oil is not meant to be applied to oneself, but rather as a sharing and bestowing on others. If you want to receive his blessing, then ask someone to apply the oil to your third eye, and so bestow the blessing on you.


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