Second Ray Shawl - yellow with embroidered edge


These shawls are for those on the Second Ray at any initiation level. These shawls are for:

life lesson clarity

soul lesson clarity

greater awareness and understanding of the ray (This helps 6th initiates and higher understand their new ray)

There are eight Rays of Incarnation. These rays are the energy manifestations of the attributes of God, individualised and focused within the universe and within every person. We all came into this life with five rays: our ascension ray, our life ray, our mental body ray, our emotional body ray and our physical body ray. Our rays hold our life and soul lessons.

Our personal five rays are programmed for our lessons. Our personalised rays become clouded by our karma, dross, negative patterns and energetic blockages. We can all do with clarity, and the ray shawls provide this.

To help us, the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Devas of the Rays are uniting to imprint the clear essence of each ray into the shawls. The shawl holds all aspects of the ray, and your energy field will release from the shawl what pertains to you. The Ray shawl will bring clarity to your life, soul lessons and life path.

The Second Ray shawls are made by the Chohan of the Second Ray Ascended Master Lord Lanto, Archangel Jophiel, and the Deva of the Second Ray.

If you don’t know your Five Rays of incarnation, we can tell you with our 5 Ray reading.

180 x 75cm 


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Andrew 7th Feb 2020

Love my second ray shawl!

Just looking at the shawl fills me with Lightness of Being - and wearing it is a blissful support in aligning me with the second ray qualities (Joy, Wisdom, Lightness of Being). It is a great support for any person on the second ray. Also it's very comfortable! (I wear mine as a scarf mostly). Highly recommended!

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