All articles are written by Verna Maruata.

The 11:11, 22:22, 33:33, 44:44 experience is a shared experience throughout the world in these times.

Just yesterday, I looked at the time and it was 1:11. And again I wondered, of all the times in the day, why do certain times pull us into this synchronicity? And this isn't just a few people, this is a worldwide phenomenon. How many other people in my time zone looked at 1:11 at the exact same time as me? What was unifying this experience for us all? This morning I asked the Masters what this means as their awareness is so much greater than mine. Please understand that when they teach, it happens in seconds. It is like a downloaded file with sub-files. I get the meaning all at once and understand it; there is no long winded lecture, it just arrives. The long part is for me to put it into words.

They explained humanity is beginning the process of initialising unity and harmony.

To bring this into context, the Vedic teachings tell us humanity rises and falls in a system they call the Yugas. Explained by Ascended Master Yogananda and his teacher Sri Yukteswar, these Yugas (there are four of them) start at the golden age (Satya Yuga) and descend into the dark ages (Kali Yuga) over 12,000 years. Once humanity reaches the turning point in Kali Yuga, the ascent begins back up to the Golden age once more. These two Masters teach that we are now in Dwapara Yuga on the upward rise, having reached the base point in about 500AD. This was when spirituality was at its lowest, and humanity was in its darkest period. Dwapara Yuga started about 1700. This rise can be seen by the blossoming of technology and huge advancements since then. Humanity’s awakening is now occurring too.

At the height of the Satya Yuga, humanity was one in a unified field, and they existed in a state of peace - a golden age. As the yugas progressed in their cycle and time passed, humanity began the downward part of the cycle and started to splinter away from the unified field, until the field was gradually disabled, and each person was energetically alone.

Now in Dwapara Yuga, we are starting the rise once more towards Satya Yuga in the never-ending cycle. Those spiritually aware are now, in a minor way, linking into the potential of humanity in that their energies are starting to synchronise to a single moment in each day. It is a baby step, but it is the spark of the potential of humanity.

There are still over 10,000 years to go till the next pinnacle of Satya Yuga. If you look, you will see other signs of change. For example, the gifts are starting to awaken and return to people. The gifts of sight and hearing have been on the rise this last year - seeing angels, seeing into other dimensions, seeing faeries, seeing and hearing spirit, hearing the angels, hearing across time. Humanity is starting to move beyond its limitations.

So if you see 11.11, 22.22, 33.33 or other numbers like this, you know you are part of humanity’s awakening towards their potential.