Thank you to all the beautiful souls who have emailed us their stories of their experiences with the Ascended Masters’ products and services. I can't post them all, but here are a few.


“I have known Verna since 2011 and from that time till now, I have found her to be a professional through and through. Verna’s services (and I have had several of them) are prompt, reliable, and spot-on. Verna also takes time out from her schedule to answer general questions, which I have always been deeply grateful for. Every time I interact with Verna and have a healing with her or Waireti, the service is flawless. They are truly dedicated to this work with the Ascended Masters and to helping raise the consciousness of our planet. It is hard work and I am so glad I got to know of these lovely people and their work.” - India

“Before these healing sessions, after 24 years of intensive therapy (psychological, physical, and energetic on every level I could find) following many episodes of child sexual abuse, abandonment, rape, and psychological harassment, I still felt burdened, disturbed, and somewhat torn apart. I felt wounded in a way that seemed hopeless. The Masters healings have cleared all of these heavy feelings. I now feel profoundly peaceful, calm, balanced and in control. I have a sense of power and purpose over my life that I've never had before. May the Masters, as well as Verna and Waireti, be eternally thanked.” - Germany

Ascended Master Healings

"I have experienced the most profound, professional and responsive ascension and healing service from Verna and Waireti. After the ascended master protection grid process was completed I was so impressed by the results within days of the grid being established that I went on to have the archangel grid, past life clearing, astral body clearing, mental body clearing, wounded child healing, ascension and 5 ray readings undertaken in 12 weeks before I went to a life changing retreat in Portugal. I believe that I would not have optimised the experience of the retreat without the support processes from Alpha-imaging. Thank you is not an adequate expression of my feelings. The accuracy of the entity removal process, as part of the ascended master protection grid service, was very accurate ! Verna and Waireti are always prompt and willing to answer any question I have had.I feel blessed to have been introduced to a unique and elevated team who have healing and ascension at the very core of the service.Bravo!" - United Kingdom

“Your healing services and your suggestions are so spot on it's amazing. After your distant healings I notice a difference straight away and they are so good that there is nothing I could say that can come close to how wonderful they have been for me. If you are reading this and are not sure if a healing service is worthwhile having or still not sure if you should have one done, please do yourself (your spirit) a favour and have at least one done, your spirit will love you more for it. They are the best healings I have ever received. Really there are no words for me to express how great they have been for me.” - Australia

“I've had one astral body healing with the Ascended Masters and Waireti. It is an effort for me to get out of bed in the mornings as I have a lot of pain in my lower back, then it takes 1-2 hours for me to be able to function in the day. To my delight, after the early morning healing I was able to get out of bed easily and was actually pain free. How wonderful that feels. I continue to be pain free and feel shiny and new. How blessed are we.” - New Zealand

“I had first Astral Body Healing with Waireti (on Tuesday). After the healing I felt more peace, calm, and basically just wonderful. Waireti you mentioned that it was a powerful healing which was nice to hear, but I get it now (it's Saturday) as I feel so clean now on all levels it's amazing. I feel so clean. Thank you for the wonderfully healing.” - Australia.

“I feel truly transformed from the inside-out since my healing sessions. People around me tell me I'm so very happy, energetic, and loving. There's a deep sense of confidence and self-Love too that I was longing for my entire life. My gratitude to you and the Masters is beyond words.” - Florida, USA

"Thank you' so much for this!! To the 'healing team and to you!! The gift of this experience and opportunity to receive healing.....which was so needed…is beyond words. Truly a Blessing.

Your explanation is wonderful!!

I feel so calm. Like a new calm sea! My thoughts and emotions are still being in the heart experience. It was amazing being immersed - afloat in a changing ocean of colour which surrounded me...healed me with such and compassion.” - Wellington, New Zealand

“The blending of the before care, the actual healing, and the after care truly made the ultimate healing experience for me and your explanation made perfect sense and pulled all the pieces together. My heartfelt gratitude to the Ascended Masters and the healing team for their tender loving care, and to you again Verna for all your wonderful services and products, which have changed my life in the most profound uplifting ways.” - New Jersey, USA


Personal Protection Grid from the Ascended Masters

"I feel amazing since the energy grid has been put in place. A great weight has been removed, I feel energised, uplifted, and want to sing. It is like everything is back in focus and anything is possible. I am so very grateful! This is a huge and precious opportunity so have a major obstacle removed." - Wellington, NZ

“I have been high since the grid took place and the entities removed. I don't know what to say except my life has shifted a lot since the healing. First, I feel incredibly protected at last and this brings me so much peace and liberation. I am feeling like a child again. How great! I love the new me. And I really needed to arrive here so thank you all so much I have a sweet glowing heart that I send my love and appreciation beyond words to you all.” - Scotland

"All I am going to say is I feel like a different person now. I have to get to know myself again, to get to know the real me. I am much calmer and balanced. Whatever the grid has done has made a big difference. I am finding I am even sleeping better and deeper too. This is a great opportunity for now I will be able to get some work done and also connect to spirit on a more balanced and stable level now. I can't wait to see what happens next, what a gift this is, a gift of peace of mind.”

Ascension Readings

"The recent ascension reading from Verna and Waireti has been soooo helpful and encouraging. I have read it and reread it a number of times. It is so much part of seeing yourself as the multidimensional being that I am and really shifting that perspective as an essential part of the process. The 'knowing' about this is so important, it is what I have been seeking, the guessing has gone as the truth surrounds me. Real focusing on what needs to be done toward my own ascension is It is amazing to have this level of help and support." -   United Kingdom

Healing Shawls

"I would like to recommend a healing shawl to everyone...

I bought one and gave it to my Mum. She was diagnosed with rare blood and bone cancer in March. She was waiting for her arm surgery. Since March she has been constantly wearing her healing shawl. On Wednesday her specialist told us that her arm is totally healed and there is no need for operation and her protein test (was on 23 in March) now is 1. With 0 she will be free of her diagnosis.

She is also using violet flame cream and her pains and numbness disappear.

I also used my first healing shawl after my surgery and it helped me a lot.

It is fantastic for a headache. When I place it on my head, it only takes 10 minutes and pressure or pain is gone.

Violet flame cream is also powerful. I use it from time to time because healing period of the cream lasts for days. After applying it to my left ankle, it takes a few minutes and pain or pressure disappears." - Australia

“On Thursday I got it, I used the shawl as a blanket over me when I went to bed. Well you wouldn't believe it, but in the morning I could of ran around the block haha. It gets a bit warm to wear around my neck, so I wrap it around my waist and wear it as a skirt over my leggings. Remember I told you that I would get asthma when I ate food, well since wearing the shawl I have hardly had any asthma at all. My body feels great. Thank you Verna, Waireti and the Masters.”

“Since the first minute I laid the healing throw on me, I became addicted to it. It felt like being embraced in the arms of the most loving mother, a return to the womb. I now meditate with it and sleep with it every night. I feel so good and peaceful with it. I use it as a blanket when the weather is too warm for one and I sleep beautifully and feel rested. After 10 years of insomnia, it is a glorious feeling to fall peacefully asleep.” - Germany

“I have (blissfully!) become addicted to wearing my healing throw inside and outside for warmth. I cover myself with it at night. It works very well as an elegant shawl over my winter coat and very efficiently protects one from icy wind (-18 C two days ago) on top of everything else. Everybody is attracted to it, they feel its energy, but the remark is always 'Oh! that is really beautiful!'. I've more or less reoriented my wardrobe colors to match it. It's really perfect, like a constant loving embrace.” - Dresden

Portal Cards and Portal Prints of the Ascended Masters

“I have used the Melchizedek portal card on my solar plexus for quite some time over the past week. It has helped me move from the state of fear I was in…into a state of understanding the higher truth surrounding issues of power. I must be in a state of unconditional love that cannot be swayed by the conditions of outer life...or ego i.e. fear. How wonderful to be taught by a Master in this way...I am beginning to understand just how powerful the Masters’ products are...!!” - United Kingdom

“They are extremely beautiful to look at and bring me immense joy, love, support, comfort so easily and instantly the moment I place them on my chakras. They really help me get through every day and I do not know how I would have survived without them all these nights if not for them. I can really feel the love of the masters through the cards very deeply and I am super grateful for them. I wonder how you painted them so well and so accurately as they are so geometric with lines and all. The colours and designs feel very ethereal and are such a great joy and beauty to look at. Actually I wanted to buy them one year ago but I kept thinking they were expensive and I could not bring myself to spend the money and I tried developing them in a photo studio in 4R size. But the effect is so different as compared to having the real cards. I love having the whole pack with me as the different masters speak to me at different times.
The cards are such a brilliant creation.” - Singapore

“Your website is wonderful, so pleased I came across it, and now, I'm a regular visitor on it.
The portal cards are lovely, I knew I had friends in high places, and it's lovely to have the portal cards displayed in my bedroom and great for meditation, there is a deeper peace and harmony having them around me.” - Australia

“I've been sleeping with Jesus' portal card on my heart, and have had some very powerful healing. Not sure how the card doesn't get bent and battered in the night, but it's always good as new in the morning! :)” - UK

“A friend came to stay and told me she never gets a good night's sleep because of irritable legs, and aches and pains all over. She looked exhausted. I gave her three of my portal cards that she felt especially drawn to and explained what they were for. I heard from her the other day – apparently, she places the cards on her chakras every night and sends her love to the Masters. She says it's like a miracle - her legs are peaceful, she feels calm and relaxed in bed at night, and is sleeping soundly for the first time in ages.” - UK

“Within a few minutes after placing beloved Jesus' card over my heart chakra, the now familiar sensation of my crown chakra became more alert as the energy moved from the top of my head down through my feet. The soothing energy slowly went upwards and settled in and around my heart chakra. I knew that my heart was being worked on because I felt the movements and on top of that I could even hear the activity that was taking place. It had the sensation of something being twisted then all of a sudden, I felt a jolt which made me sit up as I felt that something was being pulled out of my physical heart. The intensity was such that I couldn't help myself look at my chest which of course looked as normal as ever. I settled back down and let the lifetimes of misqualified energies being pulled out from me. I felt an overwhelming sense of trust, a comfortable feeling washed over me and I had a reassuring knowledge that healing was taking place, and everything was going to be fine. I just knew that what was happening was necessary to release the accumulated dross. Jesus' healing energy was overall very loving, gentle and had a very calming and soothing effect. The sheer feeling of lightness was very evident immediately after the healing and it continued in the days thereafter.” - United States

“I've just had an exciting experience with the Ascended Master cards (each time I use them, the experience is different). I placed the St. Germain card on my heart chakra and could hear sounds like high pitched notes on a piano. Wow! The Quan Yin experience was also amazing. My head felt massively elongated and seemed to be raising higher and higher. Hilarion's energy felt (as always) constant and blissful, as did the energy of Lao Tze - except unusually I couldn't stop coughing until the card was removed. I sensed that an energy block was being cleared. I'll soon be ordering some prints and some more cards. I especially love to heal animals, so a print of Master Kuthumi is a must!” - United Kingdom

“WOW! They (portal cards) are truly amazing. At first, it felt like I had been plugged into the mains. All I could feel was intense energy. Next day, the energy still felt strong, but more gentle and very loving; as though the Masters (and lady Master) were in the room (an almost tangible presence). At the time, I was sending distant healing, but was too 'blissed out' to focus. Instead, I decided to put a photo of the person concerned on my heart chakra, on top of the card. I wasn't sure whether this would work but had the feeling that the Masters' healing was going exactly where it was meant to go.” - United Kingdom

“I really enjoy myself with the Masters cards, I can’t express myself, so much joy and healing. My husband got a chest problem, and had to use tablets from the doctor, it didn’t help. I gave him the Isis chakra card, and the moment he placed it on his chest, he said, immediately he felt hotness coming from the card, and said he felt a difference.

Yesterday, I had a back problem, hurting myself, I couldn’t hardly walk properly, I decided, to lay on the big energy prints of Hilarion, Jesus, and Dom Ignacio. It eased a bit, that evening I display them in my bedroom before going to sleep, and I took a Jesus card and I lay on it and went to sleep. This morning I could walk normal and went shopping with a heavy bag behind my back, I also experienced a lot energy and hotness coming from the card when placing on chakra point. I felt a lot of lightness and peacefulness. I would recommend people to use it. ALL THE PRAISE AND GLORY TO THE MASTERS.” - Switzerland

“I received the Ascended Master cards in record time! Thank you.

I have worked with St. Germain for many years and Serapis Bey also, but I have seen a fair bit of magic happen with the portal prints, especially for myself, also with relationships within my workplace, home and social activity, very powerful very interesting.

Not only do I love Lady Nada in my house as a beautiful piece of artwork, but I also love her presence. She made a difference in my life the moment I brought her home. Communication in the house has improved. My sister arrived at the house one night upset & walked into the family room & went straight up to Nada saying how much she loved the new painting & put her nose on the painting saying how much it drew her in. She left much calmer.” – New Zealand

“As I have interacted with the Masters through the oils and the prints and in the weekly healing, my own relationship with the Masters has deepened, and I have experienced growth, healing and expansion on many levels. I can hardly believe it, but I do indeed seem to be free now of severe and debilitating hay fever. I must admit I struggled to accept that it could be so, but despite my incredulity the Masters are indeed gracious and the healing is irrefutable. Deep gratitude!” - Tasmania, Australia

“Since allowing the work of Ascended Master portal prints into my life experience, evolvement within self has been heightened beyond dimensions of understanding. What one chooses to place focus on brings that into creation. Therefore, focusing on energies of high vibration can only bring that of high vibrating life experiences to you and let it be that in love, wisdom, pureness, oneness.” – New Zealand

“It has been my privilege to use these sacred images/portals for the purpose of easing my parent’s transition to spirit. I felt the need to have the posters at both funerals. At my mother’s service, I felt Mary Magdalene and Jesus lift her up and usher her into her new abode on the spiritual plane. I am more grateful than I can say to use these tools for this sacred task.”                - Auckland, NZ


Violet Flame Oil

“When I used violet flame oil I noticed that after applying my attitude softened up and I experienced loving qualities within myself. I was a lot more open to experience joy and lightness about life and what is going on in a moment. I also experienced combining the oil along with my healing modality and was surprised at the depth of an experience it gave me. It helped me to do deeper healings and tune in more easily to someone's energies, it enhanced and expanded my perception very noticeably. I also had visitation with Devas one night after using oil.” - Seattle, USA

“I am really enjoying the violet flame!!” - Canada

“I use the Violet Flame daily and I want you to know how much lighter I feel, so much has dropped away. I feel more present and in the Now.” - USA

“Just wanted to give you some feedback on your oils. I have been using the violet flame oil and I am nearly finished, increasing this up to 3 times per day. Initially I was purging and releasing lots of old junk, emotions etc etc. I received your grounding oil and forgiveness oil yesterday and wow what a difference. I really noticed the difference in using the oil and its vibration because I had been so used to the violet flame oil.” - Australia

Blue Flame Oil

“Blue Flame Oil is magic because it is giving me inner power, strength and voice to stand for myself. I have a clear image of my inner power NOW that I didn't have, couldn't feel and see before. And my voice was so silent. Not anymore. People who had huge influence and power over me can't believe what is happening with me.” - VIC, Australia

Grounding Oil

“The grounding oil is a treasure and I'm kicking myself that I've only just discovered it now! It’s made me feel much more in the now! (not in the clouds so to speak) and more up for the day and not day dreaming! Love it! ... the grounding oil is AMAZING.. couldn't be without it now.”     - Australia

“I am onto my second bottle of grounding oil, it is part of my daily routine. I wouldn't be without it. It keeps me focused and present. Food really does taste better, and when my kids speak, I'm actually listening to them, instead of feeling guilty I missed what they said because I'm not present. Thank you to the Masters.”

Personalised Oil

“Thank you so much for that wonderful personalised oil – loved the description and the images that brings up – the impact has been rather "earth shaking" – from brain electricity to meditations expanding – has settled down a bit now, but a fascinating impact.
Blessings and thank you both for your wonderful work.” – New Zealand

“When I broke open the lid a huge energy flew out like a mini cleansing bomb. Cool."                      - Auckland, New Zealand

Deva Oils

“I received the violet flame and purpose oils (which you recommended) today and tried the purpose one right away. I love it!! Apparently needed it because we are busy moving and packing, and I felt an instant lightening of my mood and being and increase in joy! How wonderful and powerful, thank you again!!” - Hawaii

“I use the Love and Joy oil daily. They have made such a positive change in my life - home life, career, my art.” - New Zealand

“Verna, you made a suggestion of Deva of Forgiveness oil, I would not have picked that one to buy, but I did and WOW, I noticed a difference straight away, it made a big difference for me and too hard to explain in words but so please I did buy it as you suggested... I really didn't expect such a great reaction.” - Australia


"Good Night" Sleep Spray

“I love the sleep spray. My mom has trouble to sleep for many years. The spray helps her fall to sleep effortlessly from the first night. I generally don't have sleep problem, but since I get up to breastfeed frequently, my sleep quality is not so good. The spray helps me sleep deeper and dreamless, feeling good when getting up in morning. I also spray over the crib, and my 2 month old twins both sleep quieter and tighter, and they have longer sleep spells between feedings during night! How amazing! I'm very impressed by how fast it works (from day one) and how effective it is. I thought it would work in a subtle way.” - USA

“I was a professional insomniac for 10 years. Nothing, no homeopathy, Rescue Remedy Sleep, acupuncture or heavy duty sport could help. Until, that is, I started using the Masters good Night Sleep Spray, which not only cured it - it feels like a miracle! - but gives me often uninterrupted, profound sleep. I wake up refreshed and happy. The spray gives my rational, skeptical husband very pleasant dreams, much to his surprise. For me, combined with the Healing Throw, it is the best remedy for sleep that I could imagine. I have really never slept so well in my life.” - Germany

After using the Sleep Spray, here are some of the comments we received from all around the world:

“It stills the mind, so it is easier to fall asleep.”

”It calmly supports and strengthens my energy field.” 

“It has remarkably improved my sleep patterns.”

“It gives a feeling of safety and then calm and tranquility.”

“It makes me feel very relaxed and I'm in a deep sleep quickly.”

“I wake up smiling.”

“My body relaxes.”

“It's like it takes away what's on my mind.” 

Ascended Master Crystal Portals

"When you are chosen to become a Ascended Master Crystal Portal Holder ~ you will know. So when you are called to step forward ~ do so with will be the best investment you ever make."

“Thank you Verna, your beautiful work has made it possible for me to align & convey the Master Energies with clarity, ease, and grace.” – New Zealand

“To be an Ascended Master Crystal Portal Holder is the most Beautiful thing that happen to me in my life. Just to look at and smile and feel the calmness, peacefulness, happiness.
Holding in my hands after a while, the Crystal became Hot, and sparks of electric flow from my hand. I had a muscle pain on my side of back, I heard "put the Crystal on the pain” it was gone in an instant. For me it’s not the colour the size the shape of the crystal, IT’S THE DIVINE ENERGY LOVE CALMNESS THAT FLOWS OUT OF IT. I JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THE CRYSTAL PORTAL. ITS THE BEST INVESTMENT I EVER MADE IN MY LIFE, TO BE A ASCENDED MASTER CRYSTAL PORTAL HOLDER.” - Switzerland