All articles are written by Verna Maruata.

We all exist as part of a collective of dimensional lives.

These dimensional lives are occurring concurrently with the life you are living now. Each of these lives is occurring in a dimension unique to them. So, if you have 9 dimensional lives, these lives are occurring in 9 different dimensions.

No one in this universe has the same dimensional collective as you – your dimensional collective is unique to you.

Dimensional lives are often erroneously thought to be lives of an individual replayed across dimensions. Not so. Each dimensional life in your collective has a soul that is unique to them.  Each is a unique individual just as you are. They are separate from you. What makes you all part of a collective is that you all have the same Higher Self.

A single Higher Self oversee's many souls both in body and out of body up until the 5th initiation. These souls are in groups of 3. So, you will have two beings in two other dimensions which are part of your trio, and these will be closest to you energetically. These dimensional lives will occur as a total group of 3 (including you) or 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 etc.

You are linked to your dimensional soul collective via your Core Star. This is the energy centre between your Solar Plexus chakra and the heart chakra. Its normal shape is oval. This energetic connection between the soul collective via the Core Star allows awareness and influence from these lives to occur across dimensions. Many of you are aware of your connection to a dimensional collective either via your dreams or a higher awareness.

Do not confuse this soul collective with a soul group. What is commonly referred to as a soul group is the group of souls you reincarnate with life after life in this dimension; they are the ones that come to assist you in your life lessons. Also, your soul mates and twin flames only occur in this dimension. Your dimensional lives have their own soul mates and twin flame in their dimension.

So why does the Higher Self need to oversee a large group of souls? Because the Higher Self is ascending, and he or she ascends via the ascension of its soul collective. The Higher Self's soul collective experiences every aspect of life, and as they ascend into the light, the Higher Self awakens more and more to its divinity.



We all have a Christ Light. Our Christ Light has a lower self, which is our Higher Self. The main purpose of the Christ Light is to return to its point of creation as a Perfected Being. To become perfected, it utilises its lower self (our Higher Self). The Higher Self, in turn, utilises its own group of dimensional souls across many dimensions in many worlds to follow the cycle of rebirth and ascend in consciousness and vibration until finally, the dimensional souls can return to the Higher Self free of karma with the lower 7 chakras perfected.

All these lives/souls of a single Higher Self contribute to the ascension of the Higher Self. One of these souls will pass the 5th initiation first, leaving the cycle of rebirth first. This single person then has the sole and soul responsibility to assist in clearing all the karma of all the other dimensional lives, whether in body or not, of the Higher Self’s collective of souls. Part of the process of moving from the 5th to 6th initiation is to clear the karma of all the dimensional lives through the perfected chakra system. The perfected chakra system allows karma to be cleared at a greater rate. 

When the karma is cleared from each individual dimensional life, that soul no longer contributes to the Higher Self’s ascension. The soul, with all its past lives, is taken back into the Being of the Higher Self as part of the consciousness of the Higher Self. They become part of the greater being, and in turn, ascend into a greater collective consciousness thanks to the work of their dimensional brother or sister who passed the fifth initiation first.

Questions answered

Can there be people here in this dimension, either on this planet or other planets, who are part of my dimensional lives collective?

No, the collective is multi-dimensional. In this dimension, across the entire universe, you are the only representative of your collective. Looking at our entire universe with all its planets, you start to get an idea of the immense scale of dimensional lives and how many Higher Selves there must be. We have 6 billion people in body on this planet, so that's 6 billion Higher Selves to start with. Also, only about 42 Ascended Masters stand with those on this entire planet as ray Masters, though hundreds more support humanity on a less personal level.

Are the dimensional lives battling the other lives for dominance? It does seem somewhat harsh.

Dimensional lives are all souls on their own ascension journey. The person with the most light proves they are worthy for further ascension with the Higher Self. So, it is more one is chosen because they won the race into their own light. There is no battle. Only light prevails. Ascension is the journey from our own darkness into our own light. It is a personal journey. The only thing we battle is our own darkness.

Do twin flames have the same Higher Self?

No, they are individuals with their own soul, own Higher Self, and own Christ Light.

I can see into the Fairy dimension – is this one of my dimensional lives?

Perhaps, but it just might be an ability of yours to see this dimension. Seeing doesn't mean you have a dimensional life there, though I do know some people in this dimension have fairy dimensional lives because they are of fairy origin.

What is the role of the Ascended Master overseeing our dimensional lives?

An Ascended Master is higher than a Higher Self in terms of Ascension (they have no more souls in body). Therefore, the Dimensional life Ascended Master is not so much there for you, but there to assist the Higher Self with their lessons around soul management.

I'm confused between dimensions and lives and what I read about the 4th and 5th dimension and the planet’s ascension.

Terminology! When you read about the 4th and 5th dimension etc., it is about ascension and the raising of vibration, and by the raising of vibration, the consciousness is raised. Dimensions and dimensional lives are different in that they exist as realities for ascension. Think of our entire universe as a single dimension, and within that reality, ascension is occurring.

Is the Higher Self the same as the Divine Self?

Again, terminology can be conflicting and confusing. To me the answer is no. The Divine Self is the higher level and another name for the Christ Light, spark of God, or Monad. And as explained in the article, the Higher Self is ascending to the Christ Light.

If one of my dimensional lives passes the 5th initiation before I do, will my life be terminated?

The dimensional life that passes the 5th first will help clear any karma you have left, and in doing this, your soul will be reclaimed by the Higher Self, and your consciousness will become one with the Higher Self. You will have no more lives to live because the dimensional life who passed the 5th initiation has helped you ascend into your Higher Self. With every past life, every time, the personality drops away and the consciousness returns to the Higher Self when we die. It is just the same - in the last life, the consciousness becomes one with the Higher Self. All these dimensional lives become one with the Higher Self. Terminated is a harsh word, try Realised instead. Terminated suggests you are still thinking of yourself in terms of your humanity, not your Divinity.

When the first soul passes the 5th initiation, and begins to clear the karma of the other dimensional lives, how is it done?

When someone passes the 5th initiation, their 7 major chakras go into free fall and no longer function. The adept is now working only with the chakras 8-12. The adept now ascends chakra to chakra. The 8th chakra is now the major chakra for the 5th initiation; it is through this chakra that the karma is cleared.

Is there a connection among the soul rays of the dimensional trio I belong to?

No, each life is separate, and the soul ray pertains to each individual’s soul lessons.

Do the same trio of souls normally incarnate together?

No, the Higher Self can mix them up from life to life. They are not static.

Is it possible to be aware of a dimensional life while awake?

Yes, sometimes it is déjà vu or a feeling of being ahead of yourself. Or you may get a glimpse into somewhere completely different. But for most people, the awareness comes in dreams.

Will this single 5th initiation soul become a guide to the other dimensional souls?

No, because those souls now reside with the Higher Self.

For those moving from the 4th initiation to the 5th initiation, is there a way to know their ascension is a result of their own efforts or the efforts of a soul in their dimensional collective who has passed the 5th initiation?

This assumes that karma is paid slowly by a person who has passed the 5th. It isn't. For those passing the 5th with us here at the portal, we are finding karma is paid in weeks.

If we add in the concept of twin flames – how does this work with dimensional souls?

In the beginning, a single unit separated into two Christ Lights, one being the Alpha Flame and the other being the Omega flame. Each of these Christ Lights creates its own lower self (our Higher Self). So, we know these two Higher Selves are reflections of the Christ Light twin flame relationship. These two Higher Selves have many dimensional lives. So, we can say that when a soul life occurs in the same dimension belonging to twin Higher Selves, then these two people are reflections of the Higher Self Twin Flame relationship because their Higher Selves and Christ Lights are twin flames.

So, if the two Higher Self twin Flames each have 15 souls in the same 15 dimensions, then 15 twin flame relationships can occur. So, if you meet your twin flame, then you know the Higher Self of your twin flame is the twin flame of your Higher Self and that their Christ lights were one at creation. 

How important are dimensional lives to my ascension?

Not very important at all to your ascension. They are very important to the ascension of your Higher Self because they are the means of his/her ascension.

Should I send healing to my dimensional lives?

That is a personal choice. I suggest before the 5th initiation you heal yourself first and work on your own ascension, and then after the 5th initiation, you can help them the via your greater abilities.

Explain what happened to the Masters’ dimensional lives please?

The Ascended Master is the Ascended Higher Self. The Ascended Master has no dimensional lives in form. The Ascended Master is a vast being who holds within his being a collective of souls. These souls have no more karma left. These souls are no longer tied to returning into form. There is talk of Ascended Masters returning to earth, but this is impossible as the Higher Self has no souls who are drawn to reincarnate as they have no karma left. There is no reason for this to occur. The closest approximation of this event is when the Higher Self enters the body of its last remaining soul at the 6th initiation for the purpose of its own ascension process. Though while in body, the Higher Self will seek to serve humanity because of who it is.