A Higher Self is a being of great light.

At creation, God created many beings of light that were a reflection of God’s greater light. We call them by many names, some being the Monad or Christ Light. The Christ Lights had one mission: to ascend and return to their source as perfected beings of light. There were several pathways they could choose to do this. The Christ Lights we are interested in chose the path of creation to aid their ascension. The path of creation is the path of matter combined with the path of ascension through experience.

These great beings of light each contained two aspects, the Alpha (divine masculine) and the Omega (divine feminine). To fulfil their mission, each Christ Light, in turn, created two versions of itself to help with its ascension. These two creations are what we call the Higher Self, one is Alpha (divine masculine) and the other Omega (divine feminine). These two Higher Selves are the embodiment of the true twin flame relationship; they are the two halves created by a single Christ Light.

The Alpha and Omega Higher Selves have only one mission, to help their creator (the Christ Light) ascend into greater light and return to source as perfected beings. Each Higher Self, whether alpha or omega, mirrors their creator by containing masculine, feminine, and divinity aspects. To fulfil their mission, the Higher Selves, in turn, created souls. These souls were created in groups of three, each soul representing either the masculine, feminine, or divinity within each Higher Self. The Higher Selves made souls in multiple groups of three, not to exceed nine groups, creating twenty-seven souls in total. These souls were then each put into a body at a time of the Higher Self’s choosing, each soul going to a different dimension into different bodies. Not all dimensional souls will incarnate at the same time, but when they do, there is only one soul in each dimension. The Higher Self becomes the overseer of the soul group.

For the incarnation of the soul into life, the Higher Self determines the parents, the lessons, the path, the birth, the death and so much more for each soul. Karma payment is in the hands of the Lord of Karma though.

The path of the soul from their first life is to live within the realities created for their experience. Each soul returns repeatedly through the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, often returning with the same people life after life, supporting each other’s lessons and karma payment. This is another form of soul family, but each of these souls has a different Higher Self. The path of ascension is laid out in the form of karma and light. Any karma at all in the chakras ensures the soul stays on the cycle of rebirth. No karma at all and the person leaves the cycle of rebirth. When there is no karma left, the person/soul passes the Fifth Initiation and is no longer bound to the earth.

A soul can have 12,000 to 20,000 plus lives before they finally ascend and leave the cycle of rebirth. This pivotal moment greatly assists the Higher Self in their ascension.

Each soul, each Higher Self, and each Christ Light only have one mission– to aid and assist the other in ascension, so eventually the Christ Light can return home to its creator as a perfected Being of Light. While each soul, Higher Self, and Christ Light have the same mission, they each work within a different vibration. The Christ Light is a lower vibration than its creator, the Higher Self is a lower vibration than its creator, and the Lower Self soul is a lower vibration than its creator the Higher Self. This brings home the true meaning of ascension – ascension is the raising of our vibration which in turn raises our consciousness.

So now let us explore just who the Higher Self is and how that relates to you the Lower Self/Soul.

As the Lower Self, you have a Higher Self. Every person on the planet has their own Higher Self, every person not in body at this moment has a Higher Self, every sentient being on every planet in this universe has a Higher Self. Those Higher Selves have souls in other dimensions. So, you can see the Higher Self becomes the overseer of up to twenty-seven souls across multi-dimensional space. And that is a lot of Higher Selves and in turn, a lot of Christ Lights. We, the soul, are a very small part of a large divine plan.

I asked some ascending initiates to ask questions about areas they are unsure of. I hope that in answering their questions, your questions are answered too.

Does the Higher Self have a relationship with each dimensional soul?

Once the soul enters the body, the Higher Self stands back and does not interfere. It is the mission of every single soul to ascend on their own. The soul is never totally alone though, the Ascended Masters support each person via their five rays of incarnationand as teachers, and they are given guides and guardian angels, but the Higher Self stands back until the soul returns to their Higher Self (their personal god) at death to await their next reincarnation cycle. The Higher Self is always watching but never influencing. The Higher Self only steps forward in its true form at the Sixth Initiation.

At this point, many of you are saying, ‘I am still on the cycle of rebirth, but I have a relationship with my Higher Self’. This can be confusing for many initiates. A perceived relationship with the Higher Self before the Sixth Initiation comes from the belief your Higher Self is external to you, but it is not. Guides, Archangels, angels, and Ascended Masters are all external to you, so it can be supposed your Higher Self is too, but the path to connect to your true Higher Self is an internal path, not an external one. Your Higher Self cannot be reached by looking outside yourself.

Also, the Higher Selves cannot show preference or assist any of their soul children, regardless of the dimension. Each soul child must ascend on its own. Your relationship will be with an Ascended Master, guide, angel, or maybe even a dark pretender from the astral plane. Some of you may be saying, ‘I receive downloads from my Higher Self’. Downloads can come from a variety of places – your own akashic records, Cosmic Master teachers, Ascended Master teachers, the astral plane, guides, or your dimensional soul family, but it is erroneous to believe it is your Higher Self.

Do souls swap dimensions?

Souls never swap dimensions. Your Higher Self is the parent and God to your dimensional soul group. Each of you has been assigned a single dimension, and it is within this dimension that you will ascend. In this dimension, you will have formed ongoing soul relationships with other souls, so that you all continue to reincarnate to help each other with soul lessons. This is another form of soul group based on experience. You will have lives on other planets within your dimension though, do not confuse planets and dimensions.

Has my Higher Self ever had a life on a planet?

A Higher Self has never incarnated into a body. It does not have a soul in the same way you do; it is so much greater. When a person passes the Fifth Initiation the Higher Self has a single soul to look towards for the first time. This soul has reached the threshold of ascension. The Higher Self calls the other souls home and focuses only on this single soul. That person between the Fifth and Sixth Initiation clears the karma of all its dimensional soul family and starts the process of purification. If they live to reach the Sixth Initiation (which now is more common than past times on this planet due to our planetary ascension), the Higher Self then starts to descend into the Holy Heart of the soul. The parent is coming to visit. This process lasts from the Sixth to the Seventh Initiation and takes several years for the Higher Self to descend its energy. During this process, the person is clearing their energetic bodies, letting go of the Lower Self, preparing the human temple, and giving devotion to the Higher Self. At the Seventh Initiation, the Higher Self is then 100% within the Holy Heart and gets to experience life for the first time in its own way. The person is then a living portal of their Higher Self. The Higher Self is a Master in the body.

Does this mean all Ascended Masters are Higher Selves?

Yes. When we talk about an Ascended Master, Jesus for example, we use the name of a recognised life. But in reality, Jesus was a soul just like you, helping his Higher Self ascend. So when he said, “Father why have you deserted me?” he was actually referring to his Higher Self. It is the Higher Self of Jesus that is the Master we connect with today. Jesus the man, like all his dimensional brothers and sisters, was eventually called home to the Higher Self. All Ascended Masters are Higher Selves, and many Ascended Masters have only experienced life through their dimensional lives. So, when we say they have walked the earth just like you and me and understand our lives, they do this via their dimensional soul children.

I have met my twin flame. Do we have the same Higher Self?

No, each soul on this planet has their own Higher Self, though your twin flame and you have the same Christ Light. One of you will have an omega Higher Self, one will have the alpha Higher Self, and these two Higher Selves originate from the same Christ Light. You and your twin flame are a reflection of the true twin flame relationship, that of the two Higher Selves. I am told this is why the Pharaohs married their sisters in Egyptian times, as a reflection of this sacred relationship.

Can you explain the initiations with the Lower and Higher Self?

Once the soul enters the cycle of rebirth, they have the sole and soul purpose to ascend, eventually learning such things as unconditional love, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness, so their light would become great enough for their parent Higher Self to descend into their Holy Heart and so be a vehicle for their parent’s even greater Light. As we ascend, we pass through initiations. These initiations are markers of Light. We pass the first initiation when we have 20% light in our chakras, the 2nd initiation when we have 40% light in our chakras, the 3rd initiation when we have 60% light in our chakras, the 4th initiation when we have 80% light in our chakras, and when there is 100% light in our chakras, we pass the 5th initiation. This is a huge initiation because it is a milestone. When the soul is 100% light, it means they have no more karma in their chakras and have officially left the cycle of rebirth. Ascension is about paying your karma and not making more so the negative karma in the chakras decreases and the light increases. The Earth Star begins to change at the 5th initiation and the soul moves away from its connection to the Mother Earth and orientates towards its Higher Self and its Christ Light. At the 6th initiation, the Ascended Masters stand back, the person’s five rays leave, and the Higher Self steps forward, placing an anchor in the Holy Heart so the Higher Self can start to descend into the person's Holy Heart (the Holy of Holies). The Earth Star leaves the body of the Mother Earth and ascends up the chakras to eventually reside above the 12th chakra and become the Celestial Star. This star keeps the person in the body now since they are no longer connected to the Earth and are now part of a greater cosmic connection. The Lower Self (the soul) takes on the ray of the descending Higher Self. As the Higher Self descends, the Lower Self ascends until eventually the Higher Self is 100% in the person's Holy Heart. This is the time of the 7th initiation. Once the Higher Self is 100% in the Holy Heart, the Higher Self becomes a Master in the body. This mastery does not apply to the Lower Self; the Lower Self still has a support path. This path requires purification, letting go, and devotion to support the great being residing in their Holy Heart.

I am a female, but my Higher Self is male (alpha). How is this possible?

We have all had past lives as men and women, Higher Self mixes it up. We cannot assume that the life in which we pass the 5th and 6th initiation is a life that reflects if our Higher Self is alpha or omega. We need to let go of old thinking and embrace a wider realisation of ascension.

I always see my Higher Self as a Being external to me, but you say it’s not. How do I connect with my Higher Self?

Yes, your Higher Self is not external to you. You are of the Higher Self and exist within the energy field of your Higher Self. The only true pathway to the Higher Self is through the Sacred Heart and Holy Heart. There you will meet your true Higher Self. Believing your Higher Self is external to you opens the door for pretenders to step forward and influence you. You can discover your Sacred Heart by practicing the torus technique. My article on the torus technique and accompanying meditation explains how to find it.

I hope understanding your Higher Self a little better, will help you understand your own ascension in a deeper way. 


I’m not sure I’m ready to have my last life on Earth, what happens when we die in our last life? 

Wanting to continue to reincarnate is a common experience for those ascending. You are experiencing some of the angst of the letting go process. Letting go of Earth and our Earth experience is hard. We do have a choice. We can choose to not ascend in this life. We have freewill.

You think you are You, but you are having an experience of consciousness. Just as in your 15000 plus other lives you had an experience of consciousness.

But when you died in each life the identity of that life dropped away to return to the greater soul consciousness that was at the base of all those 15000 lives. So, when you return to Higher Self at your final death, it is this greater soul consciousness of which You are an aspect, that will become part of the next stage of Higher Self ascension.

To break that down, think of all your past lives. Different sex, different personality, different desires, and dreams. Every life different every experience of consciousness different. The soul has been the recorder of all of this. But the higher consciousness of soul has endured through all these lives. That isn’t You. Be aware every Higher Self has created 27 of these greater soul consciousness. They all exist in a different dimensions, and they all have a multiple past lives as well. 

What does the dimensional higher self soul group of the Master Jesus look like? What was their experience at death. 

I went to the Master Jesus to ask. He showed me the soul group he created, and the higher consciousness they became. When the final incarnation came to an end for all 27 souls, they all united as a single group consciousness. This dimensional higher soul consciousness then integrated into their creator, the Master Jesus. As perfected souls they have returned to their creator and become one with him.

Remember the Masters are beings of light and energy and sound. The Masters are not the physical being/ single life we see presented sometimes.

This scenario plays out for all Higher Selves.

So the final incarnation death isn't an end, but a union with the dimensional higher consciousness soul group of which you are a part. And from their union and integration with your Higher Self, a new Master.

In time your Higher Self and its twin flame will unite and return to their Christ Light, who will in time return to God and be drawn back in. Each lower aspect, of which your soul consciousness is part of, will be part of a greater whole.

It sounds like a wonderful adventure.