The 5th initiation is a major earth initiation.

This initiation occurs when all karma has been paid from the 7 major chakras. When all the karma has gone, the chakras become 100% light and radiate that light from the chakras. The chakras are perfected. This initiation also means the person has left the cycle of rebirth. They have broken the cycle of rebirth. Their karma drew them back life after life, but now the karma has been paid and the cycle is broken. This makes it a momentous initiation.

We ascend through our chakras. As the dross and karma clear from our chakras, the vibration within the chakra rises. The lower seven chakras are the chakras of the lower self, the soul, and personality. It is through the clearing of these chakras that the vibration and consciousness rise, and the lower-self rises in preparation for merging with the Higher Self. Once these seven major chakras have reached 100% light (vibrancy) and 100% radiance of that light, then the chakras are perfected and the 5th initiation occurs.

The time after the 5th initiation is about the beginning stages of anchoring the Higher Self into the Holy Heart, clearing the karma from all dimensional lives, facing all fears, and awakening the higher chakras 8-12 to the stage that the chakras 9 to 12 are rainbow coloured.

What happens at the 5th initiation?

The process is fairly standard, but of course there are different experiences for each person. Some people will be conscious of each step and process, some are aware of only part of it, and I have discovered some don't even know it has occurred. But regardless of a person’s awareness, the aura and chakras (lower and higher) tell the story of where they are in the ascension process.

  • The first sign you might notice of the 5th initiation occurring can be a vibration in your soul seat (the soul seat sits just below the throat chakra where the two collarbones meet). This vibration means the link between your soul and the earth star is preparing for change.
  • When this happens, the Earth Star will be changing colour from silver or a single colour to aqua (abalone) colours of blues or pinks. The Earth Star sits about six inches below the feet and is nearly always an inverted pyramid in shape (see the article on the Earth Star).
  • Papatuanuku (the Mother Earth goddess) severs your earth star connection with her. This means you are no longer of the Mother. The magnetic and karmic pull back into body for continued karmic lives is no longer possible.
  • You are now of the divine Father, removed from the comfort of the Mother.

After this, you might feel a vibration in your cells as your physical body adjusts to being no longer of the Mother. Your physical cells will be rebuilt to take on the higher vibration which is coming.

  • A new and temporary Star is created below your feet within the body of the Mother Earth by the Cosmic Masters who will preside over your initiation. This new Star is to keep you grounded; it is called a Celestial Star by the Masters. This temporary star is very different from your previous star. It will have many colours that change daily. It will fade in and out across dimensions and will change shape.
  • You may experience ongoing grief at the loss of the connection with the Mother Earth. She has nurtured you through thousands of lifetimes, and so to say goodbye at this deep level can be traumatic for some.
  • Your kundalini will rise of its own natural volition, unaided, without fanfare and work. It will rise from the base chakra, opening the lotus of the crown to its fullest potential and will then rise up into the 8th chakra which will become its new home. All your system is preparing itself. Reincarnation is no longer for you. You are moving into the Divine.
  • The actual 5th initiation will then occur with a group of Masters who step forward to support you. This will be unique and personal to you. The initiation usually occurs in segments and can take 24 hours or more.
  • Now there will be the start of the union of your Higher-Self and lower self. This union begins in the Holy Heart. The Holy Heart is that sacred space within the Sacred Heart. This is where the Higher-Self anchors itself. This anchoring is part of the 6th initiation also.
  • After the Higher Self has created the anchor in your Holy Heart, you can take a breather and know Step One had passed. This break may take a couple of days or a couple of weeks. What occurs will be perfect for you.
  • Once you've got your breath back, then the battle begins between your lower personality self and Higher-Self. The lower personality self is so used to being the boss, it isn't going to submit easily. The Higher Self will win, it just depends on how long the battle lasts. You will feel fragile.
  • Once the Higher-Self wins the battle, those 7 beautiful radiant chakras will drop in vibration and radiance. This is because your 7 chakra system has ceased to work as it once did. The chakras 1-7 are now without an anchor. They change every second of every day; the light within them changes from 1% to 100% light and radiance within seconds. They no longer have any purpose and cease to function.
  • For those using the Ascended Master oils, once the chakras are perfected and go into freefall, they no longer function and won’t accept the oil into the chakras. The minor chakras still exist and still work.
  • After the 5th initiation, the chakras are perfected. There is nothing in them to be transmuted. Anything that is left is in the bodies of the mind and of the ego - most certainly patterns of behavior.
  • The lower 7 chakras are now the lesser system, and your new working chakra system is the chakras 8 to12.
  • The higher chakra system (chakras 8-12) has previously been turned off until the 4th initiation is passed, then the 8th chakra awakens. By the time the 5th initiation is passed, the 9th chakra is awakened. Before the 6th initiation is reached, all 5 hidden chakras 8-12 are awakened. The 8th chakra is about 12-18 inches above your head and the other 4 chakras above the 8th.
  • Your new chakra system is different from your previous one. The 8th chakra is blue for everyone. As the chakras 9 to 12 awaken, they can be any colour. The 12th chakra begins as gold (this is the godhead chakra and the one linked to your Christ Light), but it will eventually change to a rainbow colour, as will all the chakras 9-12.
  • You will begin to feel like there is a veil between you and the physical world. You will engage and be present but feel apart. Your ability to ‘know’ will increase as you will feel part of something more. If you haven’t had the ability to see dimensional colour before (i.e. auras), you still won’t. There isn’t a magical switch at the 5th to give you gifts you haven't had before.
  • Every fear you have, whether it’s heights, spiders, or claustrophobia, to name a few, will be suddenly presented for testing. These fears need to be conquered before you can move forward. The fears left will be fears of the mind and patterns of fear repeated life after life.
  • You will be looking more within self at this time. Your Sacred and Holy Hearts will be looking inward to Self, so you may feel less heart connected to humanity, though this isn't the case.
  • You will feel/see/know the connection between your Holy Heart and the higher chakras as one long column or a spiral. The column is of the Father/God and the spiral is of the Mother/Goddess. Before the 6th initiation you will be aware of both the spiral and column connection between your holy heart and higher chakras. The Father/God & Mother/Goddess aspect has come into total balance within your upper chakra system and within the Holy heart.
  • Letting go of all your desires and attachments comes up for release.
  • Love of Self occurs, and you know it and feel it and understand it.
  • The tests keep coming for Mastery - Mastery over the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.
  • Ego is still present but to a much lesser degree. When it appears, you will note it.
  • Part of the process after the 5th initiation is to clear the karma of all your dimensional lives. This is done quite quickly via your higher chakras.
  • At some stage after the 5th initiation, you will have ascended sufficiently to receive a halo. They come in several versions. We have seen a thick gold torus that rings the entire head at the 3rd eye level, a halo that can only be described as a gold inverted fishbowl that covers the entire head down to the soul seat, and we have also seen a small thin halo at the back of the head. I'm sure there are other versions as well. We have found the meaning of the appearance of the halo is humility. When the adept is in a state of humility, the halo is present. We have also observed the halo disappearing, and then we know the person is not in a state of humility. The halo only remains between the 5th and 6th initiation. After the 6th initiation, the halo is no longer present. 

The time between the 5th and 6th initiations will differ for each person. We have found for those using the Ascended Master products and healings, the average time is about a month. For those not actively ascending with the Ascended Masters, the time between the 5th and 6th initiation can be a year, and sometimes longer. The bodies need to be clear before the 6th initiation begins, otherwise we have noted the 6th initiation can last for many months and even years. This can lead to mental instability.

So, by the time you have reached the 6th initiation:

  • You will have cleared the karma from all dimensional lives
  • You will have faced and mastered all your fears 
  • You will have awakened the higher chakras 8-12 to the stage the chakras 9 to 12 are rainbow coloured
  • The Higher Self will have anchored itself in your Holy Heart


Practises that will assist you towards the 6th are:

Devotion. Devotion to your own Higher Self.

Surrender. Surrender to your Higher Self.

Letting go of mind creations.