To those of you who are new to this website about Ascension and the Ascended Masters, welcome with love. Let us introduce ourselves so you know us a little better.

I am Verna Maruata, and I work with my twin flame Waireti. Together, we are guardians of the Ascended Masters’ portal in New Zealand. Over a period of three years, the Masters brought the portal down to anchor it into this dimension. This portal is not a natural occurrence like those that emerge from the Mother Earth; more it is a doorway for the Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light to send their energy into this reality to work with humanity in a deeper and closer way.

So why us? We're not sure. Waireti was born with many gifts, among them is her dimensional sight, a term I made up to explain her higher abilities. She sees all. She says she has something like TV screens around the edge of her vision so she can see into different realities and times. I was born with the gifts of healing, clairsentience, claircognisance, some foresight, and the ability to determine the darkness in people. The Ascended Masters gifted me a second crown chakra. I learned this was for them to work through me in purity, unhindered by my lower energy. Through this second crown chakra, the Masters download explanations for things Waireti sees. For example, Waireti can see the Earth Star, and the Masters downloaded to me the in-depth explanation of what an Earth Star is and how it's used now in relation to our soul and past lives. You can read the Earth Star article here.

Together, Waireti and I are a team. The Ascended Masters created the portal to help humanity ascend, and we, in turn, are assisting the Ascended Masters in their efforts in our small way. We have ascension experience and are glad to help you understand the process as this occurs for you too. If you are new to our site and new to ascension, all I can say is, read this website. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but you will soon know if ascension is a path for you in this lifetime. If you want to know what to do next, then you need to meet the other person on our team, our assistant Tara. She has passed the 8th initiation. You can read more about Tara here. If you have any questions about what we do and how to start consciously ascending yourself, please email Tara using our contact form.

My Higher Self Marua (previously known as Maruata) is ascending. Together we have reached the 9th initiation. He is now an Ascended Master. I, Verna, am not an Ascended Master, I am still the lower self, still bound by my humanity. Marua works with me though to help with the healings and works with many of those who choose to ascend with the Masters. You can read about him and many of the new beautiful Masters stepping forward at this time.

Our Mission Statement

Love all. Respect all.