Ascension made Easy with the Ascended Masters via their portal

Have you read this page on Ascension and now know about karma, light, and initiations? If you have skipped that page and landed here first, please read it, it isn't long.

If you have been thinking you want Ascension for yourself, this is how to proceed.

  • Start with an Ascension Reading. In this 12-page report, we tell you about the energetic you – your current initiation level, your ascension and dimensional life Masters, your percentage of karma and light, and information about your chakras and your other energy centres (such as the core star, soul seat, and earth star). You can read more about this reading here. This reading is the base from which to measure your ongoing ascension from. It gives percentages of karma and light so you can measure your ascension growth.
  • Some of you will want to know the five Ascended Masters standing with you as part of your five rays. The Five Ray Reading will tell you your 5 rays and 5 Ascended Masters. These five Masters are walking with you, supporting you through life and ascension. You can read more here. 

These two readings will form the base for understanding your energetic self, your ascension, and the Masters supporting you through the process.