A technique to connect to help you find your way


All articles are written by Verna Maruata.

All of us come to a crossroads at some time in our life when we don’t know what direction to take, or we feel we are walking in circles and getting nowhere.

During one of these times when I felt my life was on hold and I was feeling lost, the Cosmic Master Sanat Kumara gave me this technique to use to find my way. He called it “Walking my perfect divine path’’. Your perfect divine path is the path of your soul purpose, the path that is divinely created with a higher purpose. I now use this technique whenever I have a decision of importance to make. I also take a look at my perfect path weekly to check I’m still on it.


Here is How to Do It

Go into a meditative state.

Take your awareness to your crown chakra.
Then move your awareness to about 6” above your crown.

Ask to see the direction of your perfect divine path.

I usually see a light. If it is straight ahead, I know I am on my perfect path. If the light is to the right or left, then I orient all my energy towards the light.

If the light is to the left or right of my centre, I know I am not on my perfect path. Orientating my energy to the light places me back on my Perfect Path.

The light we seek in front of us is an external light and different to your internal light.


How Often You Should Check

I check my path every week. I make sure the light is straight ahead.


How to Use for Decisions

If you have a decision to make, then try this.

Take a step into the future and see yourself having made your decision with option A.

Are you still on the perfect path or has the orientation changed?

Try option B of your decision. How does that choice affect your orientation to your perfect path?

This is an easy technique to use for any decision.


More Info

When I teach this technique, someone in the group always says they see light all around them, and someone else says, “But I’m light anyway.”

To answer both these statements, Sanat Kumara suggests they look beyond themselves. For it is a direction and a purpose we are seeking, and the light is a guide standing in front of us saying, “This is the perfect path. I am here for you to light your way.”

With our guides so close and the loving techniques such as these shared by Sanat Kumara, we are truly blessed.

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