The Torus Technique - Finding the Sacred Heart, Divine Mind and Soul and connecting with the Ascended Masters

All articles are written by Verna Maruata.

Sanat Kumara gave me this technique many years ago, I share it freely here. The Torus technique is easy but takes some explanation.

You are a multidimensional spiritual Being having a physical experience. We forget this - we think we are a limited person in a physical body - when truly we are much more. The torus can be a vehicle for you to explore more of your multi-dimensional Divine self.

A torus is a contained and constructed unit of energy.

It looks like a ring donut. It holds energy from all the dimensions and all the planes – it exists through all time and space. The energy within the Torus cannot escape outwards – it is its own contained energy field.

We can use it to connect to our Divine Mind, Sacred Heart and Soul

Here I will teach you how to use the torus in three ways –

  1. To create your own personal torus in which you will find your Divine Mind, your Sacred Heart and Soul
  2. Connect with another person or an Ascended Master using the torus
  3. Use a group torus to connect in group consciousness


How To Create your own Personal Torus

torus-wheel.jpgYou are going to connect three divine aspects of yourself, so they form a Torus – your Divine Mind, you Sacred Heart, and your Soul.

Start with meditative breath. In and out.

Take your attention to your body – be aware of it.

Move your awareness to the pineal gland in the centre of your head. Once there take you awareness a centimetre (½ an inch) above the pineal. This is the Divine Mind. You have just slipped from physical awareness to spiritual awareness. Sit in that space for as long as you like. 

But for our purposes we move on, you will see (or feel, or know) a silver cord appear in the Divine Mind – this will drop to the Sacred Heart. So, with your awareness, follow the cord to the Sacred Heart. And for those of you who went into "I don't see mode", do you get a sense of feeling heavy, go with the heavy dropping feeling - it will take you to the Sacred Heart. For those who need a place, the Sacred Heart is in the middle of the chest, about 10- 15cm down from the two clavicle (collar bones) meet. Some want to move down to the Core Star because this is an active energy source, the word heart is a give away to the actual location.  The Sacred Heart is the place to meditate and is the doorway to Higher levels of ascension.  But we move on.

Now become aware of another silver cord, this one from the Sacred Heart is connected up to your Soul Seat . Follow the silver cord to your Soul Seat ( it is below where the 2 collar bones meet between the heart and throat chakras, sitting out from the physical body).  And from there another silver cord connects back to the Divine Mind.

So, in effect you have created a elliptical ring of energy (torus) connecting the Divine Mind – Sacred Heart – Soul. Sit in the energy. Follow the energy flow through the 3 centres a few times, as you do the strength of the connection will increase. You have now connected your awareness to some of your highest levels of consciousness. Everything you receive will come in at its highest potential – from the Divine Mind, Sacred Heart and Soul.

Bring yourself to the Sacred Heart and sit in meditation. The Sacred Heart is the source of your love. If you feel the mind intruding, just repeat the torus cycle again.

Enjoy your Torus – and I suggest everyone begin each meditation with this practice – it brings a greater sense of peace and balance to the experience. I also find it beneficial to repeat this Personal torus many times a day so we manifest our thoughts, words and actions from this higher reality. Ascension is about becoming more of our light being and letting go of our negative and lower self. The personal torus is a tool to help make that happen. 


How to create a torus with another person or an Ascended Master

I get many requests from people asking how they can connect on a deeper level with their Ascended Master and Teacher or even a person. My standard response is open your heart to the Master, because when your heart is open to them, they can come closer. But there is another way - The Torus connection technique. Just as you have created your own Torus, the Masters all live on their own Torus – always in touch with their highest consciousness.

Start with a meditative breathe – with the intention of connecting with your Ascended Master.

Now to communicate with the Masters you are going to create another Torus with the Masters – a group of three Torus.

While still on your own Torus of Divine Mind, Sacred Heart and Soul ask your Ascended Master to step forward so you may connect with them on a deeper level and even communicate with them. Then seeing, feeling, knowing or just hoping they are before you - connect to your Divine Mind and see a silver cord connect to the Masters Divine Mind, the Master will send a cord back (you may feel it, see it, or know it is returned). Follow your own silver cord from your Divine Mind to your Sacred Heart. Once in your Sacred Heart, you are going to send a second cord to the Master, see a silver cord go form your Sacred Heart to their Sacred Heart, and they will send a cord in return. Now follow your own silver cord to your Soul and see a silver thread go from your Soul to the Masters Soul. The Master in turn will be doing the same back to you.

A group Torus of two has been created, with three connections. Feel the flow of energy coming along the Masters silver cord to you, try to match the vibration. In most cases the Master will alter their vibration to make the connection more comfortable for you. But it is good to try.

Now sit in meditation with the Master and allow the Ascended Masters energies to flow into you. When you are ready, you may receive teachings, or direction. But in most cases the Master will take this opportunity to give healing if you request it and work with you on higher levels. You are completely contained within the Torus and protected. Nothing else can enter the exchange that isn’t invited.

Warning - always ensure it is the true Ascended Master you are connecting to, not a pretender. The portal cards ensure you are connecting to the true Master. 


Group Torus Instructions

You can invite as many people as you like onto a group torus - excellent for a meditation group or healing group to use.  A unity consciousness or group consciousness forms, perfect for a group working on the same project i.e. earth healing, for they then work as a single unit.

It is within this contained unit, that a group can work together across all dimensions and planes in balanced vibrational harmony. Nothing can enter the torus that is not invited, so it is a safe place to work.

Make your own personal Torus. And with the permission of those in your group first send a silver cord from your divine mind to the person to your right. Everyone will be doing this at the same time and so envision a silver circle linking all the divine minds. Now feel the connections - is the energy flowing to you and from you to the left and right in balance - if not work to correct the flow so the energies are in harmony. We want the torus to be balanced. Then follow the silver cord divine mind connections around the entire group and back to yourself. Now make a Divine mind Connection to the person to your left, everyone else will be doing the same. And follow the connections around the entire group.  So now we have balance. 

Repeat the procedure for the Sacred Heart and the Soul. Now a single divine mind, single sacred heart and single soul has been created - all these individual divine minds, sacred hearts and souls are in unity consciousness and will work more effectively as One than as many individuals.

This is a wonderful technique to use in mediation groups as it links everyone to become - one Divine mind, one Sacred Heart, one Soul. Meditation groups will achieve a greater level of power when linked in this way. This technique is perfect for creating change - rather than a group all working as many single units on a cause, when they are united as one in this way you will see how the connection focuses the power. The key though is to be in balance energetically and in harmony as a group.