Written by Verna Maruata and Waireti.

Verna Maruata and Waireti are guardians of the Ascended Masters’ portal. Waireti has the gift of dimensional sight, she sees all. Verna Maruata has two crown chakras - one belongs to the Ascended Masters to come through in purity. Here is their conversation about auras recorded for you. Verna’s words are in bold italics. Waireti’s in plain text.

Let's talk about the aura Waireti, so others can understand it a little like you do.

We are so much more than just our physical body – that is why healing needs to take place in all the bodies, as dis-ease manifests in all the bodies. Our aura is made up of our many bodies. It is layer upon layer of energy colours swirling, grouping, and interconnecting. No one is one colour. It’s impossible.

Explain to everyone what the other bodies are?

Alongside the physical body, we have the etheric that’s blue. Everyone’s etheric body is blue. Then, in order, we have the emotional, mental and astral bodies, then into the spiritual and the divine bodies. Most people just have these 7, though I have seen up to 12 bodies.

Some people have all 7 bodies in a about a 6 inch space, and others have the 7 bodies in a 2 metre space. Some people have clear bodies, some have cluttered. Everyone’s energy contracts when they are indoors and when they are around other people. Everyone’s bodies expand when they are outside and are alone. So, the aura is forever fluctuating in size and also in colour.

What do the different bodies look like?

Well the etheric body is blue and it appears as a thin band around the physical body. The emotional body swirls and spins. But then emotions spin all the bodies. There are many colours - colours that are permanent and colours that are fleeting or temporary. Depression is maroon at the edge of the aura and can be temporary; lying is the same colour but is like a flash. A questioning thought is green with lines through it and appears in the mental body. Other thoughts have different colours. We are thinking all the time, so the mental body is ever changing. When different colours appear in different bodies, in different places, and for different lengths of time, they have different meanings. One colour just doesn’t mean one thing. Colour in the aura is complex and multi-layered.

All the bodies are interconnected and don’t stand alone. What happens in one body influences another. That is why physical body illness nearly always has a cause in a different body. The physical body is dense, but as the bodies move away from the physical, they become less dense and contain more light. For many, the astral body gets clogged and so stops the light from reaching the mental/emotional/ etheric/physical person. They can become hidden from their spiritual and divine bodies. It is very important to clear the astral body.

Everyone’s bodies are a mixture of different colours, position, brightness, movement, flow, layers, and interconnections. No two people are ever the same. Identical twins might look the same in the physical, but that is all. The Masters say we will know them by their colours. That is how they know us; they know us by our colours, not by our physical form. They don’t even see our physical form. They see our thoughts and our feelings as colour and know us on a very deep level. Our colours are our own personal signature. And then the Masters see all of us - all our bodies, all our rays, all our past lives - they see all. They know us better than we know ourselves. And they love us. When we find it difficult to love ourselves, they love us. Back to auras…

The permanent aspects rarely vary - the rays, the chakras, and the other energy centres usually all stay the same colour, though the chakra colours are changing. Many have their green heart chakra turning to pink – compassion. The throat chakra is changing from blue to turquoise, and many have their earth star changing to silver. Change is occurring within humanity.

How do our guides affect our aura?

Guides, that is spiritual guides, stand in our aura at the 6th body (the spiritual body) and connect to us from there. So, if the astral body is clogged, they find it hard to connect to us. The Ascended Masters connect through all of our bodies. And angels are separate to us but connect to us via a thread heart to heart – they have a mini torus operating.

Everyone is beautiful. Everyone is a beautiful mass of light.