These are the new Ascended Masters stepping forward as part of the current wave of ascension. 

The Masters have let it be known, "You will know us by our colors."

A Master's colours are a reflection of their individuality and their ray of Ascension. The colours might look ordinary in the graphic, but in reality, they are bright, luminescent, and sometimes pearlescent. The graphics are only a representation.

The Masters are grouped according to their ascension ray.

First Ray - The Blue, Red and Silver Ray of God's Will

 Aishlah_EL, New Master


The Ascended Master Aishlah_EL is on the Divine Omega aspect of the First Ray. Her teacher is the Elohim Amazonia. Aishlah, like her teacher Amazonia, deals with finding and developing one's inner divine power in all its glory. Her colours are quite lovely; they are a soft inner core of light silver with a circle of red and dark blue, and then medium sky blue reflecting outwards. Aishlah's secondary colours are on the Divine feminine aspect of the Third Ray, a beautiful soft golden pink.

Aishlah is first and foremost a warrior. She stands 5'8" to 5'9" with long, wavy golden brown hair she will either wear down or in long braids. She has bright, shining blue-green eyes and has a strong, athletic built, yet she has the grace and delicacy of a dancer about her. She looks like she stepped out of a Scandinavian myth of old, as she has the look of an armoured Valkyrie. She comes to serve and help those in need of developing or finding their inner power and strength. Aishlah can be seen in long gowns and capes. She is extremely fond of velvet with pearls. The colours she wears are, of course, silver, bluish-red, and sky blue. In her more playful moods, you will see her in golden pink. She carries an inlaid pearl and silver sword at her right hand side and a matching inlaid pearl and silver dagger in her boot on the left side. In modern gear, Aishlah is fond of black thigh boots with blue jean jeggings, a black leather jacket, a starched white shirt, and silver jewellery to match. Aishlah loves children and animals and will go to great lengths to protect them. She is serious, but there is a soft, gentle side to her. She loves to dance, sing, and play music, but is ready to go into battle when called. On occasion you will see her with her horse and the little pets she carries around with her in a huge velvet satchel she keeps at her side. Aishlah_EL wants all to know the Love, Grace, and Strength of the Divine is for All of Us.

 New Master, Alexander


Alexander is a First Ray Master. Physically, Alexander presents at six feet tall with powerful and broad shoulders; he has large muscles. Yet his energy is gentle and loving. His hair is dark blonde, short, and with messy spikes. He has a beard. He wears a blue power suit with a white undershirt, and sometimes he wears a red tie. He has a sense of humour, and he laughs at his own jokes.

As a warrior of the First Ray, Alexander helps those who are victims or have experienced victimization. He is a pillar of strength to lean on while learning to stand in our power. He stands against all manner of ill intentions and darkness. Integrity is one of his deeply rooted virtues.

He is an alchemist. He is driven to bridge the gap between physical and metaphysical energies. He says, "Physical beings are organic, metaphysical machines." He is a wonderful healer.

 New Master, Nobu


Nobu is a Master of the First Ray, the masculine ray of Divine Will and Power. He often identifies himself with dark royal blue flashes to announce his presence. He is a Japanese Tai Chi master and may appear in white martial arts clothing with a royal blue belt at his waist, bare feet, and slightly untamed short black hair. His aura is First Ray pale blue leading to a mid-blue band then an emerald green band (Fifth Ray) with ruby edge (Sixth Ray). He is quiet and focussed, but he has a twinkle in his green eye and can be quite delighted and playful when his messages land in our understanding.

The meaning of Nobu is trust. He is a Master of great personal power. He works with those wishing to step into their own power and truth. He says that knowing your truth from the heart leads to personal power, a sacred place of living your purpose and engaging Divine will. He helps you to find your power within rather than power over others. He teaches that if you trust in in Divine Will, resolutions will come in the most magical of ways.

Second Ray - The Yellow Ray of Wisdom

 New Master, Georgie


Georgie’s name reflects his Lightness of Being and Joy. His energy is powerful and expansive, yet gentle. He is here to share wisdom, joy, and fun, all with a large dose of love. He is bringing these qualities to those people who are on an inner journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and change. 

If Georgie presents himself to you in meditation, you will see a man with dark hair, pale skin, and a beautiful, loving smile. He may present himself in his energetic form. Georgie is a Second Ray Master with the Fifth Ray as his sub-ray. His main colours are yellow with orange. He has a dark yellow five-pointed star in the centre of his aura.

 New Master, Grace Nova Glow

Grace Nova Glow

Grace Nova Glow is a Second Ray Ascended Master. She is a being of light who shines like a star to dispel darkness. She is a moonbeam for patience, the sunrise to bring joy, sunshine for clear perception, sunset to bring wisdom, the glow of a candle for humility, and the warmth of a smile and eyes that sparkle to sustain lightness of being. She is a constant, quiet reminder that light follows darkness and that sources of inspiration and enlightenment exist in both our outer and inner worlds. She will come to you in a feeling of warmth and comfort, in a moment of lightness and joy and insight of wisdom, with an unexpected kindness and the serenity of humility. 

Her Second Ray lights illuminate Fifth Ray paths of healing through self-knowledge and truth. Her Second Ray shimmering glow warms and lends support to Third Ray paths of unconditional love and forgiveness.

Grace Nova Glow exists to brighten the darkness, to promise enlightenment despite difficulty, and to be a constant glowing beacon of love. In meditation, she may come in any of three forms. She may appear as candlelight or a comforting, glowing source of light. Or, perhaps in female human form with long golden curls that shimmer in candlelight, wearing a sheer, long voile nightdress. She has green eyes and a round, friendly face. Nova Glow is most comfortable as her Dragon self, a loving, gentle green dragon with yellow-green eyes and a copper glow and shimmer to her body. She most often appears to those who are open to her guiding, healing light and loving comfort. Her aura colors shimmer in yellow, green, and copper.

 New Master, Jeremiah Jeremiah

Jeremiah is a Hebrew name meaning "appointed by God". Jeremiah is a Second Ray Master of Wisdom, Joy, and Lightness of Being. He can alternate between playful and light-hearted, and then sometimes he is more serious, though always gentle. The Ascended Master he is most similar to is Kuthumi. His aura is an orange-yellow (mango colour) in the centre with a thin band of bright pink at the edge, signifying that his sub-ray is the Third Ray of Unconditional Love. He can appear with blonde hair and a goatee and is about average height. He works to bring more Light to the world and to help uplift humanity.

 New Master, Maru-ata


Marua has passed the 9th initiation. This is his last earth initiation. As he has ascended, his name has changed in keeping with his lighter vibration. His actual name has no words; it is light, colour, sound, and symbols. If Marua appears to you in meditation, you will see a man of about 5’10”. His hair is light to mid-brown, long to the neck, and his eyes are brown. He has high cheekbones and a firm jaw. His nose has an unusual square tip. Sometimes he wears a white T-shirt with the Sacred Heart image on it, and loose sand coloured pants. Or alternately he has taken to wearing a hooded deep brown monk’s robe, with a Sacred Heart image on the chest. He always has bare feet. If he were to appear to you in energetic form, his aura has a pale yellow centre leading into pale pink and a copper pink at the rim.

He is a Second Ray Master, the ray of wisdom and joy, with a pink sub-ray of unconditional love and ascension through self-expression and the arts. He is a complex master. He is steadfast and strong. He has deep love and compassion for humanity. This comes through in his gentle loving smile. He gives comfort and support, though always helping others to step forward in their power, and to be their authentic self. Being on the Second Ray he can be joyful and funny. But at the heart of all of this he is a warrior. He sometimes carries a sword, contained in a pale gold scabbard with silver symbols. The battle of light and dark occurs within all of us. He will help you with your own inner battles. He has three healing sessions available on this website - Wounded Child, Wounded Teen and Wounded Adult. He walks with many young souls as one of the Masters in their Five Ray team.

 New Master, Sarah-Joy

Sarah Joy

Sarah Joy’s name means pure joy, and she is exactly that. She is a Second Ray Master, the ray of wisdom and joy.

If she were to appear to you in form, she appears to be in her mid-30’s to 40’s. She has long wavy strawberry blonde hair and a beautiful face. She wears a soft yellow, flowy dress and is usually barefoot. She calls herself a happy hippy and sings “with flowers in her hair”. Her aura has a yellow centre leading to a small white border, then a soft apricot that gradually turns to a burnt orange.

She has a sense of humour similar to Jesus. She is carefree and joyful. She embraces life and love, so we can feel she is motherly. She doesn’t command, she encourages like a mother would do. She has a deep love for humanity and a desire to heal those who are hurting. She wants them to find joy in living and the wisdom this brings.

Third Ray - The Pink Ray of Unconditional Love


Fifth Ray - The Green Ray of Healing and Knowledge

New Master, Christian


Christian is an Ascended Master of the Fifth Ray, the green and orange ray of healing, knowledge, and truth. He is on the orange and green aspect of the ray.

He appears as a strong young man in his late twenties, powerfully muscled with a strong neck and shoulders. He is around six foot two inches tall. He wears a battle dress made of dark brown leather; the skirt has a hole punched design. A sword hangs by his side in its scabbard. He wears calf length, brown leather boots. He has hazel eyes, and his tawny brown hair is drawn back into a low ponytail off his open, ruggedly handsome face. His aura has orange as its base and overlaid are various greens with a dark ruby inner circle. The ruby indicates he has a Sixth Ray subray. He works with those who have negative body image and helps them find their inner beauty.

He has unconditional love for humanity. He is steadfast and dependable and stands for fairness and justice. But he is a complex character. He is quick witted with a sense of humour, showing his lighter side by sharing joy and laughter.

He will encourage you to battle your inner demons to allow your true authentic self to shine. He will stand by the side of those who struggle with issues of self-acceptance, helping them to achieve that through inner healing. He is here to help those who find it hard to communicate what is in their heart and to speak their truth.

 New Master, Edward


Edward is a Fifth Ray Master. He is on the outward green aspect of the ray. He is serious. He is here to help you speak your truth, whether it be from personal knowledge or an inner source. He is here to help you find your voice and to help your voice be heard. Call on him when you have trouble communicating, he will help you find the way and the words. He will make you feel safe and supported. You may feel his strength and steadiness, qualities that may make you feel you can trust him.

If Edward were to appear to you in meditation, he might appear as a man with dark blond tight ringlet curls. He has green eyes. He has a ski slope nose. He can appear wearing a brown linen suit, with a black t-shirt beneath and sneakers. Or he might appear as his energetic self, showing his aura colours of sage green with purple and green overlays leading to a purple edge.

Intetri, New Master 


Inetri is a 5th Ray Master of healing, knowledge, and truth. His colors are a deep emerald green with a hint of turquoise at the center, with an edge of dark burnt orange and a bit of gold on the very outer edge. His symbol is a triangle, and his teacher is Ganesh. If he were to present to you in form, he is a handsome young man in his 30s with shoulder length curly brown hair, and golden tan skin. He often wears a casual white button up shirt with the first few buttons undone, loose pants, and no socks or shoes. He likes to sit with his feet propped up in a relaxed position, his hands behind his head. He is often smiling and laughing and loves to make jokes and lighten the mood.

Inetri is here to help us with healing through truth. He helps us acknowledge and speak our truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be. For in truth, there is personal power, healing, and liberation for all. He is here to help us free ourselves from our own illusions and the untruths we tell ourselves, to see the bigger picture of our lives and therefore our greater ascension. He helps us remember our inherent worthiness and who we really are - divine beings of light.

Life can feel heavy at times, and he wants to remind us to not take everything so seriously and to remember to have fun in this life! He loves to make jokes and bring laughter to difficult times.

Inetri is all about embodiment. He helps us overcome our fears and take actions that align with our divinity, highest values, and heart desires - bridging our humanity and our divinity. He is especially working with 6th and 7th initiates on this planet to help them embody their Higher Self and bring their special gifts to 3D life. 

His energy is warm, embracing, wise, and all accepting. He welcomes the totality of you and all your truths into his arms of unconditional love and acceptance.

 New Master, Pukalani


Pukalani is a Fifth Ray Master on the ray of Truth, Healing, and Knowledge. Pukalani is a Hawaiian name that means a doorway or gateway to heaven. He knows the way. He is a powerful looking Polynesian man with long dark hair and a beautiful, strong gaze. He wears an emerald green tunic. On the sides and back of his head, he wears a half circlet, from which silver and green crystals rise like two mountains on the side of his head, symbolising the difficult climb of ascension. Pukalani is quiet, serious, and subtle in his communication, but it is through his gentle strength that he assists those who are struggling to come into their power and truth, especially those who find it difficult to speak their truth. He can help you to find your truth within, thus helping you to find your strength and means to self-heal. He says, “Knowing yourself is knowing your truth.” On a deeper level, he sees the inner conflict that exists within some of you, and he will help you resolve this. This will lead you not only to a place of greater self-understanding and healing, but also to a place of personal wisdom.  His aura is various shades of green, with white and a translucent yellow overlay at the edge.

Sixth Ray - The Ruby, Gold & Purple Ray of Devotion & the Goddess

 New Master, Jyahlien Jyahlien (Pronunciation)

Jyahlien shares that names are a construct that gives definition, and trying to name an energetic being attempts to put a construct around something that is not definable. Yet, she also understands that names are part of how humans interact and understand things. The name she has shared is Jyahlien. The sound softens at the end.

If she were to appear to you in meditation in human form, you would see a regal woman. She wears a purple cloak with gold trim. Her long curly hair is gold/red in colour. She wears it up, artfully arranged. Her eyes are dark brown. She has a gentle and loving smile. If she were to appear energetically, her aura is a ruby red with a pink edge. Across her aura is a gold sparkling wash.

Her colours tell you who she is. She is a Sixth Ray Master, the ray of the goddess and devotion. She wants you to learn to honour and love the goddess within you. She is here to bring forth a new understanding and integration of the divine feminine to the planet. She is here to help us understand the personal power of the compassionate and loving goddess that resides in all of us. This is not a masculine power, but the inner strength and power of the divine feminine. The pink in her aura alludes to her compassion and love for humanity.

Her symbol is the regal snow leopard. She has one walking with her.

New Master, Master Erik  Master Erik 

Master Erik is on the Sixth Ray of devotion to Goddess, his aura is burnished gold at the centre, then an iridescent layer of purple, surrounded by ruby. He is a dragon and prefers this form. His breath is the ruby flame.

When presenting in human form: he is tall and athletic, has brown, shoulder-length hair, brown, kind eyes, bearded. He appears in many forms of clothing, usually loose fitting, situation depending. He radiates a calm, dignified reserve yet has a quick sense of humour.

A being of devotion, Master Erik is vast and powerful, a defender of the light through love. He works on many levels within solar systems, galaxies, and the cosmos to eliminate interference. He is a protector and restorer of harmony and balance through devotion to Goddess.

Seventh Ray - The Violet Ray of Transmutation and Change


Eighth Ray - The Rainbow Ray

 New Master, Sam


Sam is an Eighth Ray Master (the Rainbow ray). His love and compassion encompass not only humanity but “all creatures great and small”, right down to the tiniest fish in the ocean and the smallest animal on land. If he appears to you in meditation, you might see a vivid rainbow or a brilliant white light from which his face gradually forms. His expression is kind and gentle, and he has a warm, reassuring smile. Sam’s hair is dark and shoulder-length and he has soft hazel eyes. He presents as a tall slim male with an ethereal appearance and says that his mode of dress depends on the day of the week and the weather! He often wears long flowing clothes and a striped rainbow scarf which sparkles with energy and is worn as a bandana. Around his wrist are bracelets engraved with sacred geometrical patterns which generate powerful energy. His aura is translucent rainbow colours over a white base.

Sam writes beautiful poetic prose and encourages us in our creative pursuits. He also plays the drums, drawing upon Eighth Ray energy to create combinations of sound with varying frequencies. This creates beneficial energy that travels far and wide. He is a quiet, reflective Master whose energy radiates peace and calm. He patiently observes before speaking and then goes straight to the heart of the matter with precision and perfect timing. Sam is a powerful healer with a special interest in helping those who are emotionally distressed. If your heart feels heavy and closed, he can help you to rekindle your joy in life and go forward with renewed inspiration and hope.