When this initiation arrives, the persons Higher-Self will be 100% in the Holy Heart. They will have humility as part of their being; humility is the opposite of ego, though ego will still rise up due to the nature of the lower-self. The person will be in a state of ongoing devotion to the Higher-Self and to the Christ Light. Both the Higher-Self and lower-self have let go of all that ties them into their realities. The Higher-Self needs to be comfortable with letting go too, for this is the first time in its existence Higher-self has come into form.

This is a hard initiation and much that occurs between the 6th and the 7th initiations can be confusing. We will start with a few ideas of what to expect in the time between these two initiations.

From the 6th to 7th initiation there is a magnetic pull occurring from the Holy Heart for the Higher-Self. Then there is also a pushing from the celestial star down, it may feel like a weight on the head. The energies from both sources can be severe, especially around the head and Holy Heart. This push-pull energy can be felt throughout the entire physical body and the energetic bodies, or one or the other.

It can get so severe, stroke like symptoms may appear. The body cells are constantly vibrating. This can be discombobulating. You know when a heavy truck goes by and the body feels the movement – make that internal 24/7 and you get an idea. The feeling of being apart from reality is common; it may feel like a thick cotton wool barrier.

At 92% of Higher-Self in the Holy Heart other changes begin to occur.

  • The 1cm skin that formed around the etheric body at the 5th initiation changes from 1 cm thick to 5cm thick. This thickening of the skin around the etheric is so the physical body can be held together as the greater vibrations come into form.
  • The Kundalini at the 5th initiation moved to the 8th chakra. The Kundalini now lowers some of its energy back into body. This is the precursor to the 8th chakra coming into form. And the beginning processes needed for the initiation to occur.

At 95% Higher Self in the Holy Heart

  • The medulla (located at the top of the spine, the site where cosmic energy enters the body, also known as the Mouth of God) begins to feel full and tight. During this process you may get a feeling of dripping from the medulla down the throat. I had read many years ago about the nectar that can drip from the pineal gland. This was not a sweet taste. The pineal and medulla are linked. The dripping might continue for a while. The liquid is feeding the sushumna – the energetic cord that links the 7 chakras.

At 98% Higher Self in the Holy Heart

  • A feeling begins like a coiling from the crown chakra to the base chakra. At the crown the energy pushes down unwinding the coil to produce a straight thread from crown to base. As this straightening occurs, every aspect of the being comes into complete balance and harmony.
  • Then the 8th, 9th and 10th chakras drop from their position above the head down into the body. The 8th chakra goes to the base chakra position, the 9th chakra goes to the heart chakra position and the 10th chakra goes to the crown chakra position. The kundalini at the 5th initiation rose to the 8th chakra, and now with the 8th chakra back in body so is the kundalini.
  • Now only the 11th and 12th chakras now reside above the head. Previously while above the head the 8th chakra was blue and all the other chakras were rainbow. Now in body the 8th is blue, the 9th is gold and the 10th is violet. These colours will change. The 11th and 12th remain as rainbow.
  • A Vesica Piscus opens from the crown chakra to base chakra and all the dimensions are revealed. You may be taken to all the dimensions. The Vesica Piscus closes.
  • All the 7 major chakras have gone and have been replaced by the 8th, 9th and 10th chakras. The new 3 chakras are dinner plate size. All the minor chakras still exist

At 99% Higher Self in the Holy Heart

  • Kundalini rises from the 8th chakra and links 8-12th chakras. It rises up through the centre of the chakras, not up the spine. Each chakra ignites at the centre.
  • The Holy Heart moves to centre of 9th chakra
  • Higher-Self makes the Holy Heart its core while in body.
  • The Higher-Self appears to go to sleep. Preparation for the initiation is occurring.
  • The 9th and 10th chakras both turn to rainbow coloured.
  • If your angelic Twin Flame is ascending with you there will be a greater awareness of a single wing on one side and a fuzzy blending of energies on the opposite side.
  • The Teacher of your Higher-Self might be more to the fore while the Higher-Self is asleep.

At 100% Higher Self in the Holy Heart

  • When the Higher-Self wakes up the initiation is a week or so away, this may vary.

The 7th Initiation Begins

There are 8 parts. The process may take a few weeks. The parts may not occur in this order for everyone, and aspects of the parts might occur at different times.

Part 1

  • The Masters appear with the Rod of Initiation.
  • If you are of angelic origin, you might find the single wing and the nub begin to hurt. This is a sign your angelic wing and nub are being removed.
  • The Kundalini rises from its home in the 8th chakra to its new home out of the body in the 12th chakra.
  • A seal is placed between the 10th and 11th chakras. This seal keeps the Higher-Self in form.

Part 2

  • The Masters of the ray of the Higher-Self appear.
  • Every aspect of energy, across all the bodies, turns to the unique shade of colour of the ray of the Higher-Self. The aura is now one colour only.
  • The cells of the body are recalibrated. You may feel a shaking in your cells. It is not a nice feeling. You may feel pain.
  • You may hear the Masters singing.

Part 3

  • Humanity all has a source of origin. Angelic, Reptilian or Faery. The wings that have been removed are returned.
  • 13 angels might appear.
  • A band of energy will slide up and down your energy field.
  • They will gift you a new set of wings.  Instead of having no wings or one wing you now have two wings. If you had a wing these are not the same wings as before. They are smaller, but a pair of wings. 

Part 4

  • The soul seat is removed; this resided below the collar bone centre. The soul seat held all the past lives of the lower-self. These past lives now reside in the celestial star which is above the 12th chakra.
  • The major and minor chakras appear to be removed and exist as a non-working shadow.
  • The 8th, 9th and 10th chakras move down into the body. The 8th chakra moves to the site of the old base chakra, the 9th chakra moves to the place of the old heart chakra and the 10th chakra moves to the place of the old crown chakra.
  • The Sacred Heart and Holy Heart are connected to the 9th chakra.
  • A vortex (spins inward) opens up between the old core star and the old solar plexus.

Part 5

  • A vortex appears from the 3rd eye to the pineal gland.
  • A vortex appears from the medulla to the pineal gland

Part 6

  • The Divine Mind of the lower-self is absorbed into the Higher-Self within the Holy Heart.
  • The lower self still has the lower mind and the ego

Part 7

  • Any upgrade to your gifts might occur here for you.

Part 8

  • The Masters of your Higher-Self's Ray appear for a final ceremony. This is a good time to give thanks for their service.
  • The vortex below the old Core Star and above the old solar plexus chakra is removed. It had the role of removing any remaining negative energy from the lower Self.
  • A seal is placed over the site of the old soul seat.
  • The ceremony will be unique to you.
  • After the initiation, you will feel calm, centred and balanced
  • The initiation ends.

The Higher-Self and the lower-self now begin to co-exist in a way they haven’t before. This is a gradual process. No big changes.

The way forward is still with devotion to the Higher-Self. There will be tests of the lower-self.