All articles are written by Verna Maruata.

An Ascended Master is a Being who has had many physical lives. During these lives, they have ascended in their vibration and consciousness. Their subsequent ascension beyond the Fifth initiation released them from the cycle of rebirth and karma. We like to think of ascension as a final resting, but this is not so, the Ascended Masters still strive to attain greater light and do so as they pass higher initiations.

Over the centuries, many of these Ascended Masters have been awarded the title of gods and goddesses, and their origins have been lost in myth. The Egyptian gods and goddesses are a good example of this. Less known are the Japanese Ascended Masters, they are known more for their place as Shinto deities. The Japanese royal family is believed to have descended from these gods, namely Amaterasu, goddess of the sun.

Amaterasu, goddess of the sun, has two brothers – Tsukuyomi, god of the moon, and Susan'oo, god of the summer storm.

As an Ascended Master, Amaterasu has a beautiful clarity in her energy. Her aura is yellow with pink sparkles. In these days of ascension, she is working with humanity to raise their vibrations by radiating her crystal clear light. She is a Second Ray master, helping to bring wisdom and humility to this earth plane. Her vibration is very high, and so for her to come closer to this plane of existence, she is assisted by the Ascended Master Serapis Bey, Chohan of the 4th ray. He helps anchor her energy and draw her closer to humanity.

Her brother, Susan'oo, is a Fifth Ray Ascended Master. He works in the areas of knowledge, healing, and truth. His assistance is on a more practical level, working closely with those who themselves seek to help humanity, such as teachers, healers, inventors, and innovators. He works with all those who are seriously confronting their own self truth and their own inner storm. If you are wondering what Susan'oo looks like, he has almond shape eyes and winged eyebrows - a feature in themselves. He looks like he is from another planet, and his eyes don't quite fit into our parameters. But then many of the ancient gods of mythology were believed to be from elsewhere. His aura is a translucent green leading out to a white opaque sparkling border. He is one of the Masters who made the Green Ascension flame, third in the series, available on this site.

Tsukuyomi, doesn't have as high a profile as his siblings. To look at him, he has a barrel chest and straight eyebrows. His hair black and his face is plump and full. He appears the most kindly of the three in appearance. His aura is white with gold edges. It is not clear how he works with humanity, though his Second Ray nature suggests he is a being of joy that delights in the lightness of Being.