The Masters have let it be known "you will know us by our colors."

A Masters colours are a reflection of their individuality and their ray of Ascension. The colors might look ordinary in the graphic, but in reality they are bright, luminescent and sometimes pearlescent. The graphics are only a representation.

The Masters are grouped according to their ascension ray.

First Ray - the blue, red and silver Ray of God's Will

Chananda Ascended Master Aura Chanada – silvery blue outer and silver centre
El Morya Ascended Master Aura El Morya - mostly hyacinth blue in the centre with some darker Prussian blue
melchizedek Ascended Master Portal Melchizedek – a deep blue centre, leading to lighter blue, then white with a fine red edge.
Metatron, Ascended Master Aura Metatron - his aura has a dark blue centre, feathering out over silver, with silver at the edges.
  Moses – (Lord Ling) pale/ mid blue leading out to darker blues.
  Osiris, his aura has a dark blue centre, lightening in blue till it becomes white at the outer edge.
  Poseidon – greek god of the sea and earthquakes, holds a trident – a white centred aura leading through blues to a mid/dark blue edge.
  Mahakala - his aura is shards of greens and blues.
St John the Baptist, Ascended Master Aura St John, the Baptist – his energy has a white centre with a soft blue rim.
thomas Merton, Ascended Master Aura Thomas Merton - mid-blue aura with an overlay of violet towards the edge.
Charity Archangel of the 3rd Ray Aura Archangel Charity has a white centre, leading to silver and then blue. She is beleived to be Archangel of the 3rd ray, but her aura colours and her energy question this and so we place her here in the first ray.

vishnu, Ascended Master Aura

Vishnu – a luminesecent silver with blue at the edges.
Sitatapatra Ascended Master aura Sitatapatra - goddess of the first ray
  Archangel Michael – aqua blue
  Archangel Uzziel – multiple blues
  Elohim Hercules – Steel blue, more to blue
  Elohim Amazonia – sky blue


Second Ray - the Yellow Ray of Wisdom

  Amaterasu, Japanese goddess of the Sun has a melting yellow aura with pink sparkles.
ares, Ascended Master Aura  Ares - Pale yellow with a white core
 deva of the Great Central Sun aura Deva of the Central Sun, her aura has a yellow centre with an orange edge.
  Christine, Archangel of the 2nd ray - she has a yellow aura with a white rim.
  Deva of Light, her aura is an orb of soft light yellow.
  Freya - her aura is white at the centre, leading out to yellow, the yellow sparkles, making the edges appear jagged
  Helios, his aura has a clear centre, leading to yellow and further out deep tangerine orange.
 Jesus Ascended Master Aura Jesus – mid yellow centre and mid blue edge
  Krishna,has an aura with a white centre, leading to light yellow, red and finally orange at the edge
 Kuthumi Ascended Master Aura Kuthumi – his colours are 3 tiered, soft lemon at the top, clear in the centre and dark blue at the bottom
 lao Tze Ascended Master Aura Lao Tze – yellow shards
 Lord Lanto Ascended Master Aura Lord Lanto – his energy is egg shaped – the centre is white and he radiates out from soft yellow to mid yellow
 Lumina, Elohim of the Second Ray Lumina, Elohim of the Second Ray, has an aura of yellow with silver edges, with a pink wash around her aura.
  Manjushri, his aura has an orange/ yellow centre lightening towards the edges.
  Mercury, his aura is a creamy white with a distinct and defined broad gold edge
  Ninguerre – tibetan creator goddess – her aura has a yellow top half and a white bottom half
  Archangel Christine - yellow with a silver edge
  Archangel Jophiel – mid Yellow
  Elohim Lumina – pale yellow
  Elohim Apollo – yellow and silver


Third Ray - the Pink Ray of Unconditional Love

 chamuel Archangel of the 3rd Ray Aura Chamuel, Archangel of the 3rd Ray has an aura with a violet centre overlaid with a mid pink extending further
 Dom Ignacio Ascended Master Aura Dom Ignacio – a centre of deep ruby pink, then a soft white band followed by a deep band of soft pink.
 Kuan Yin Ascended Master Aura Kuan Yin – Magenta with a little mid pink
  Lady Kristine - palest of pink centres leading out to pale to mid pink
 Lakshmi Ascended Master Aura Lakshmi – rose pink leading out to gold
 Ma'at Ascended Master Aura Ma'at, Egyptian goddess of Truth and Balance, has an aura with a white centre which leads to soft pink
mary Magdalene Ascended Master Aura  Mary Magdalene – mid strong pink with some magenta
 Mother Mary Ascended Master Aura Mother Mary – she has a soft pink energy with a border of mid blue
Paul the Venetian Ascended Master Aura  Paul the Venetian – deep magenta centre with a bronze edge with white
  Vesta - mid pink aura gold funnel into crown with some white, 3rd ray
  Archangel Hope – soft pink
  Archangel Faith – copper (copper is a third ray colour )
  Elohim Heros – deep pink
  Elohim Amora – soft pink with a silver edge


Fourth Ray - the White Ray of Harmony

 Amen Bey, Ascended Master aura Amen Bey - his aura is clear at the centre, leading to white in the middle, with an edge merging from soft apricot to burnt orange.
  Aphrodite – her energy is shades of white in an energy pattern of a fluted shell.
  Archangel Gabriel - his aura stark white - leading out to a brilliant white, with rays of soft gold through it

 Inanna Ascended Master Aura

Inanna - her aura is pure white with silver edges.
 Serapis Bey Ascended Master Aura Serapis Bey – his energy spirals – with entwining gold and white.
  Elohim Purity – white with a silver edge


Fifth Ray - the Green Ray of Healing and Knowledge

 Amaryllis Ascended Master Aura Amaryllis, goddess of spring has colours with a soft green centre, white centre and an apricot /gold edge.
 Cha Ara Ascended Master Aura Cha Ara - soft green to deep green in horizontal layers
  Ganesh – pale milky blue/green centre leading into white and then a mid blue edge.
 Hilarion Ascended Master Aura Hilarion – light green in the centre leading out to forest green.
 Ptah, Ascended Master Aura Ptah - he has a soft luminescent very pale green aura
  Susan’oo – his colours are a translucent green leading out to a white opaque sparkling border.
  St Anthony of Padua - his colours are blue/violet and green swirls.
  St Patrick - his aura is forest green at the centre, leading out to lighter greens at the edge.
  Arcahngel Raphael – sea green
  Archangel Ariel – orange
  Elohim Astrea – orange with a thin white edge
  Elohim Virginia – aqua green
  Elohim Cyclopea – sea green


Sixth Ray - the Ruby, Gold & Purple Ray of Devotion & the goddess

 Anubis, Ascended Master Aura Anubis - 3 shades of gold in a tier
  Hathor, an Egyptian goddess has an aura of gold spirals.
  Lady Nada Ascended Master Aura Lady Nada – white (may have lavender tint to it) and gold.
 Isis Ascended Master Aura Isis – she has a border of purple with a jagged edge that leads into a ruby centre.
Pallas Athena, Ascended Master Aura  Pallas Athena – her aura rises from a very dark purple to purple and then onto gold. Some may see an unworldly green line in the centre.
 Portia, Ascended Master Aura Portia – her aura is 6th ray – purple inner with ruby edges
 quetzalcoatl-180.jpg Quetzalcoatl – his aura is gold, white and ruby with clear parts
  Archangel Aurora – gold with a ruby edge
  Archangel Uriel - gold with ruby lines
  Elohim Peace – ruby and gold
 Elohim Aloha Aura Elohim Aloha – purple with gold wash


Seventh Ray - the violet ray of transmutation and change

 Deva of the 7th Ray Aura Deva of the 7th Ray, she has an aura with a white centre leading out to violet
 Omri-Tas Ascended Master Aura Omri-tas - his aura is violet, with a white centre and silver speckling at the edges
 Ra-Mun Ascended Master Aura Ra mun – Violet through to purple
 St Germain Ascended Master Aura St Germain - Violet down to maroon
  Archangel Amethyst – dark violet
  Elohim Victoria – violet
  Arcturus, Elohim of the 7th Ray, he has a distinct egg shaped aura of iridescent purple with a violet edge.


Eighth Ray - the Rainbow Ray

  Horus – may be seen as hundreds of sparkles – his aura is a aura shaped transparent rainbow, radiating out in bands of colour
 Maha Chohan Ascended Master Aura Maha Chohan – metallic bronze, gold and silver with rainbow sheen
  Sanat Kumara – clear like ice with rainbows flashing through
  White Tara – a fan of rainbow colours left to right
  Archangel Zadkiel – rainbow
  Elohim of the 8th ray - rainbow - her aura is luminescent clear /white with rainbow


Other Cosmic Masters

 Alpha Ascended Master Aura Alpha, Cosmic Master, his aura is a column of silver and white
  Eros, God of Love, his energy spirals in several opalescent, opaque gold's and cream.
 Omega Ascended Master Aura Omega, Cosmic Master, her aura is a column of light and dark gold.
  Sanam Kumara, his aura has a dark gold centre turning to a light gold at the edges.
 Shiva Ascended Master aura Shiva - white centre leading to violet
  Vajrakilaya, his aura pulses a dark red at the centre lightening to an orange edge.