• Ascended Masters - I don’t have an affinity with my Ascension Master. I am closer to another Master.

    We can have an affinity with many Masters, mostly from past life connections as monks, priests, nuns or devotees. Kuan Yin, Ganesh, and Jesus are common examples. Your Ascension Master was chosen for you prior to birth as the Master most vibrationally suited to help you in your ascension process.Teachers are chosen for their chelas (pupils), pupils don't choose their teachers. This doesn’t mean you have to stop having a relationship with any other Master. Be inclusive like the Masters, open your heart to all. Embracing all will help you to grow and expand beyond your self imposed limitations.
  • Ascended Masters - What is the difference between Cosmic Masters and Ascended Masters?

    A Cosmic Master has attained higher initiations.
  • Ascended Masters - Why are they called Masters?

    Masters are teachers. They have attained mastery over themselves and are continuing their ascension towards their own Christ Light. They have paid all their karma and are no longer bound by karma to return for another life.

    They are not here to be Master over us, but rather to help us achieve our own ascension into our own Christ.
  • Ascension - I want to ascend with the Ascended Masters – where do I start?

    It's always best to start off slow when consciously approaching ascension with the Masters here at the portal. If you are serious about ascension and are going to follow our suggestions, Waireti and I personally suggest a chakra reading "Your chakras revealed". As we ascend through our chakras, this chakra reading gives you a base line for change. For those serious about ascension, it is a way of seeing exactly where you are in your ascension process now. This is also a great way to know where to direct your ascension efforts. Waireiti looks at the chakra size, spin direction shape, position, colour, and speed. Included in the reading are the Earth star and the soul seat, core star’s size, shape and colour, and the Masters connected to them along with your Ascension/soul ray. Also she looks at the bodies (astral, mental, emotional and etheric) and assesses their condition. We also include your Ascension Ascended Master and the Master and ray connected to your dimensional lives. This reading will help you will get to know yourself on a deeper level. Click here for more information. 
  • Ascension - I want to get to the 5th initiation with the Ascended Masters, but my funds (or beliefs) don’t allow me to pay for your healings and products.

    This is common, and we respect where each person is in their life journey. Our mission is to help all ascend. Some want the fast way via products and healings, and we respect that journey too. So where can you begin?
    • The Masters have an ascension temple to the side of their portal. This is a place they have created for humanity to come and visit, to meditate with the Masters and just be. Instructions on how to enter the ascension temple are on the website. Click here for more.
    • Blessing Stone – follow this link to read more. The short version is the Masters will bless a crystal for you according to your needs, and bless water. Many drink the blessed water daily.
    • Free portal prints – there are free portal prints for you to print off to use. Just place the portal print on a chakra point and feel the energy flow into you. Or put the print on a wall for the Masters or Devic energy to flow out to you creating change. Click here for these.
    • Ascension is all about clearing your karma. Karma resides in the chakras. A person has reached the 5th initiation when their chakras contain no karma at all. This website is filled with information about ascension and techniques that are free. I suggest you start with all the suggestions at this link.
  • Crystal Portals - What is an Ascended Master crystal portal?

    The Ascended Master crystal portals are a doorway the Ascended Masters have created for themselves. Through this portal, their energy flows 24/7. Through this portal, the Masters can connect with humanity in a closer way. When you hold a crystal portal, you are holding the Master's hand.

    These are sacred objects. When you have one of these, the Masters trust you will treat the portal with respect and care.

    Through the portals, the Masters assist humanity in their ascension, and they provide healing (especially when placed on a chakra). The Masters can teach some of you in meditation.
  • Crystal portals - How far will the energy of my Ascended Master crystal portal extend?

    When at a normal base level, the Master's energy will extend 20 to 30 meters in all 6 directions. It will fill a house. If the Master has a purpose, then the energy can all be focused in a specific direction and so extend further.
  • Crystal Portals - Can I take my Ascended Master portal out with me?

    Yes, most definitely. When you travel, the Masters get to help more people in this close way. Take the portal to the mall, to work, to school, to a concert - anywhere the Masters can help people.
  • Crystal portals - Can I use the portal to help heal others as part of my healing practise?

    Yes, the crystal portals can be placed in a healing room for the Masters to work.

    You can place the crystals on a person's chakras for a more in depth healing session. This can be overwhelming and too strong for some, so listen to the Master's guidance.
  • Crystal portals - How do I cleanse my Ascended Master crystal portal?

    We suggest Violet Flame spray periodically if only using on self. Otherwise, cleanse more often if your are using the portal with clients and out in public. Follow your intuition and listen to the Masters as to when to do it. Here is a link to the Violet Flame Spray.
  • Crystal Portals - I dropped my crystal portal and it broke. What do I do?

    Don't worry! Each cell of the crystal is a portal, so if your crystal broke in two, you now have two portals. It isn't uncommon for the portals to break. I suspect the Masters want to do work in more than one place.  
  • Portal Prints - Can I frame or laminate or frame the print?

    The choice is yours.
  • Portal Prints - Why didn’t you paint the Masters' faces?

    The Masters don't have a face, they are energy. They have faces from past lives they can present with just so humanity can connect with them on a recognition level, but all Ascended Masters are more than they were in a previous life, just as you are more than you present to the world.

    Through the portal prints, the Masters want you to feel who they are. They want you to know them in a greater way - not limited by your mind, but at a heart level – a feeling level.

    The mind creates limits – the heart is ever open and expanding.
  • Portal Prints - Why are some of the colours dark?

    The colours that form the Master's light bodies don’t exist in our awareness – there is no way to recreate them on the 3d. But this isn’t about recreating their bodies – but to imprint their energy. For that to happen, their energy needs to be stepped down many, many times to be recreated here. Sanat Kumara’s portal print only equates to a tiny percentage of his entire body energetic body – that is how vast he is! And that is all the energy many can cope with. Don't be limited by thinking dark colours are negative. They just are.
  • Portal Prints - How do I know which one is right for me?

    First, go for the portal print you are attracted to on a heart level, the one you feel the strongest connection to. These are probably the Masters of your heart or a Master who is working with you.

    Secondly, look closely at the prints you just don't like. The Master's energy will have triggered something in you that needs to be cleared. This Master is also one to choose if you feel brave to look at what resides within you that needs to be cleared.
  • Portal Prints - Can the energy be too much? Can I overdo it?

    You never get more energy than you need and usually less than what you want.
  • Portal Prints - Are the prints safe for children?

    Yes, most definitely, especially the portal print of the child's Ascension or Life Ascended Master. Having the portal print on a child's bedroom wall will help the child form a heart relationship with their Master that will greatly help them in adult life. The heart connection will help the Master to guide, teach, and work with the child and adult more effectively.
  • Portal Prints - I’m already in touch with the Masters – why do I need a print?

    Why do you think it's about you? The Masters have made these energy portals so they can get closer. You may be in touch with a Master, but there is still the veil. The Master is not before you in a 3d body. The portal prints are made so the Master's energy is permanently across the veil to work closer with you and humanity. The energy from the Master flows out to humanity 24/7 from the prints.

    No one with a print has to work to connect with the Master. The Master and his energy is already accessible and present. And this also means a person who is less aware has just as much access as someone who is further ahead in their ascension process. There is no discrimination based on ability.
  • Portal prints - I can’t bear to look at or touch the cards – there is something wrong?

    Nothing is wrong.

    In some instances, as soon as the person comes into the portal prints or card's energy field, clearing from their chakras immediately begins. If you don't recognise the feeling of clearing or if you don't know what is happening, fear and panic can become the predominate feeling.

    This feeling is then transferred to the prints or cards with the negative thought that something is wrong with the cards, when really it is just the Ascended Masters' portals working perfectly.
  • Portal Prints - Why do I like some paintings and not others?

    There are many reasons for you to like some portal prints and not others.
    • You maybe attracted to those Masters whose vibration resonates with your own.
    • The Master may be one of your teachers, so you are drawn to that painting.
    • You may have had past life experiences with this Master such as a devotee in a past life.
    It’s okay to not be attracted to all the Masters. If you find there is a portal painting you just don't like, then this may be a Master you have to work with to clear an aspect of yourself you don't want to look at.
  • Portal Prints and Cards - Can I remove the plastic cover?

    Yes, if you choose to. Be in your power, do what feels right for you.
  • Rays - Can a person change rays in a life time?

    • Ascension (soul) ray - A person can change soul rays through their life time. This is a gradual process as the new ray slowly starts to replace the original ray. This change takes several years. We have found the change goes either on the odd rays or the even rays. For example, 7th Ray becomes 5th, 5th becomes 3rd, 6th becomes 4th, or 4th becomes 2nd. We have never seen the reverse.
    • A person can incarnate on more than one aspect of the ascension ray. For example, the 5th Ray has orange and green aspects. A 5th Ray person can incarnate on both the orange and green aspects in their ascension ray, though this is very rare. Normally, a person incarnates on one aspect of the ray for their ascension ray.
    • We have observed the change of ray colour within a ray. For example, those on the 5th Ray, there are 2 colours - green and orange - we have noticed a couple of people move from the green aspect to the orange aspect.
    • At the 6th initiation, a person relinquishes their 5 rays for the single ray of their Higher Self. So their 5 rays all become the same ray and the same colour.
  • Rays - Is the 1st ray the best ray?

    No ray is greater or less than the other, they are all equal. We see people ascending on all the rays. Your ascension ray is linked to your Ascension Master and the spiritual lessons you have. The other rays are to support you in your life journey. Some beliefs have it that only those on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rays can ascend in this lifetime. This is not true. We have seen people pass the 5th initiation who have been on all the rays.
  • Rays - Why do I dislike the colour of my ray?

    While not common, it is not unheard of. Green and pink seem to be the common colours people dislike with a passion. In most cases, when they see the personalised colour, they quite like it. Colour likes and dislikes are linked to past lives and memory association. That the general ray colour is not liked is coincidental.
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  • Store - I can't make my payment?

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  • Store - Paypal or Credit Card issues

    If you have ensured your country is correct, then there are a few other possible reasons why your payment isn't being processed.
    Your credit card company may limit your buying to your own country. This is common in the USA. A call to the credit card company may be necessary.

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