What is ascension?

Ascension is the journey from our own darkness into our own light.

Our karma is our darkness and the absence of karma is our light. As our karma decreases, our vibration rises, our consciousness rises and our light is manifested.

We ascend within our chakras, for they hold our karma. The lower 7 chakras are the chakras of the lower self, the soul, and the personality. It is through the clearing of karma from these lower 7 chakras that the vibrancy (light) increases. Ascension is the raising of our vibrancy (light) and our vibration (energy), which in turn raises our consciousness. When the vibrancy (light) and consciousness reach certain levels, we pass through initiations.

The Masters oversee all of us, watching each person’s light. When the vibrancy (light) in all the 7 lower chakras reaches 60% of its potential light, and that light is radiating at 60% its potential light, then that person has only 40% of the karma and dross left in each chakra, then they pass the 3rd initiation and go through this sacred initiation. Their light is greater than their darkness and they are recognised as such. The scales have tipped in their favour. As a person continues to clear more karma, they ascend even higher. When the vibrancy (light) in all the 7 lower chakras reaches 80% of its potential light, and that light is radiating at 80% its potential light, then that person has only 20% of the karma and dross left in each chakra, then they pass the 4th initiation. The 5th initiation occurs when all karma is paid and the chakras are 100% light and that light is radiated out 100%. At the 5th initiation, the person leaves the cycle of rebirth. 

After this comes, the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th initiations. These are events and processes. We are not referring to dimensions here. 

The Masters, Waireti and Verna Maruata are here to help you ascend from your own darkness into your own light at a greater rate, so you can don't need to reincarnate life after life. The Masters have healings and oils that hasten the process, by clearing to a depth that only they can achieve. All healings occur by distant session in the Ascended Masters portal. All the oils are made by the Masters in the Ascended Masters portal. These are powerful. Ascension is a conscious choice and a personal choice. In the Ascension reading we will look and see what ascension level you have attained and what healings and oils your energy field accept. 

There are many pathways to Ascension. We are all free to choose our own path. Some are quick, some slow – we all get there eventually, it just depends on how many lifetimes we want to spend here on Earth. Your ascension journey is yours. You are the master of your own path.

Here are some tips on how to raise your own vibration and consciousness.

  1. Devotion – Devotion to the God within, your Higher Self. All the knowledge in the world won’t get you one step closer to your Higher Self, only devotion can do that.
  2. Forgiveness - Forgiveness is so important, not only of others, but of self. Not only in this life, but all past lives. If we don’t forgive, we can’t let go, and if we don’t let go, nothing changes.
  3. Care and attention to being the Being – watch what you say, think, and do. We create karma every day.
  4. Take on the philosophy of having thoughts, speech and actions based in Love.
  5. Meditate.
  6. Meditate in the Sacred Heart. This is the pathway forward. Within the Sacred Heart practice unconditional love and compassion.
  7. Once you are comfortable in the Sacred Heart, move on to finding the Holy Heart within the Sacred Heart. It is the Holy Heart that is the pathway to the higher chakras. The Holy Heart is where the Higher Self will reside after the 6th initiation. Get to know the hidden aspects of you.
  8. After the 4th initiation, some of you might find a crystal within the Sacred Heart. When you reach the 5th initiation, this crystal will be activated.
  9. Practice the Torus Technique to give union to Divine Mind, Sacred Heart, and Soul.
  10. Drink pure water – It sounds crazy, but the higher your vibration, the more hydrated you need to be.
  11. Diet – Diet doesn't seem to have much of an impact. As you ascend, you will know what you want to eat and what is right for you. And alcohol? Doesn't seem to be an issue. Sex? Again, not an issue.

The Ascended Masters have stepped forward at this time to help you ascend. Everyone has an Ascended Master who stands with them as their ascension master, regardless of who they are. There are over 7 billion people in body at this time, and every single one of them has an Ascended Master as their ascension teacher. That is a huge undertaking by the Masters. You can learn your Ascension Master via our Ascension reading.

If you want to know what initiation you have reached, we suggest our Ascension Reading. This will tell you what initiation level you have attained and much more about the energetic you. Click here to read more about the Ascension Reading.

To help in this ascension process, the Masters have built their portal here in New Zealand. Through this portal they can come closer to humanity in ways they never could before. They have also created in the portal oils and tools for ascension.