Aware of the curiosity of humanity, the Masters know many of you seek to travel to the portal in your meditations to get answers and volunteer to help. So as not to interfere with their highly calibrated work and to keep the vibrations of the portal where they need to be the Masters have created an Ascension Temple for visitors. If you want to visit the portal in your meditations, you will be re-directed to the Ascension temple. It is a place of great love.

Whereas the portal is created to suit the Masters vibration, the Ascension temple is created to suit the vibration of humanity.

To help you get there the Masters have created a transport portal to carry you to the Ascension temple. The doorway is in the portal print below. Forty-one Ascended Masters created this transport portal painting you see below; each has linked their vibration to it.  They have created this transport portal so you won't travel to the Ascension temple via the astral, and you have a safe and protected route with them.

Look at the painting. You will feel the pull to the temple, and one of the Masters will assist you there, you don't need to know who it is. Close your eyes and go into meditation and enjoy the ascension temple. The Masters will come to work with you in this sacred space they have created just for you. You can choose to meditate alone or in a pre-arranged group. Enjoy.