All articles are written by Verna Maruata.

These teachings have come from a collective of Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Waireti to Verna Maruata. Waireti has dimensional sight and see’s all. Verna Maruata has two crown chakras; one is utilised by the Ascended Masters. Together they seek to clarify much of what they don’t understand about angels, and in turn, share it with you.

Many of us have a fascination with angels. Is it their wings? Is it the thought of flying? Is it their purity? Is it the community they have within the host? Is it the memory of who we once were? Or is it that deep inner recognition of an ancient home and the ancient familiar? In this article, we are introducing a different perspective on fallen angels.

These teachings came from Waireti’s casual comment about my single wing. This little carrot brought forward many discussions about angels and wings. Here we focus on angel wings and their relationship to fallen angels. Waireti revealed many people have a single wing accompanied by a nub on the opposing side where the other wing would have been. Some people have two nubs (having lost both wings), and a rare few have two wings. We then made the supposition that those with wings and nubs were fallen angels.

So, what is a fallen angel? A fallen angel is an angel who has left the angelic path of ascension and moved onto the human path of ascension. This means they chose to enter the human cycle of rebirth to have many human lives. It means they left their angelic home of light for our dense, dark existence.

The Masters tell us that over half of humanity living on this planet are fallen angels, and Waireti confirms this via her dimensional sight. There was an initial fall of angels to a 3D reality on many planets, but angels continue to fall - it hasn't stopped. There is a belief within society that angels are good, and fallen angels are bad. But St. John the Baptist tells us fallen angels are a blessing to humanity, for in their fall they bring with them the angelic qualities they possessed. They then merge with the human path of taking on cycles of rebirth but still maintain their angelic essence. This angelic aspect of themselves is their gift to humanity. Sadly, the angel becomes impure in the fall because they have left the pure path of the angels. This is probably where the misconception that fallen angels are bad comes from. But with over three billion fallen angels, it still doesn’t explain why they fell and continue to fall.

I remember reading something from Elizabeth Prophet who said Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael were twin flames. This didn't fit into my knowledge base, and so I put it aside. In light of these new teachings, I had to know if Mother Mary was of angelic origin. Waireti confirmed Mother Mary had two nubs on her back where wings might have been. And then a teaching arrived from the Masters. Angels with one wing fall with their twin flame, and angels with two nubs fall alone, their twin flame staying on the angelic path.

Most twin flame angels fall together. So why do some angels choose to fall alone, especially when they are so close? There are many fallen angels among humanity there with no wings. Why fall? Why fall alone? Why fall together?

God created us with the purpose that we would move away from the point of creation to learn and grow and evolve into our divinity, eventually returning to our point of origin as perfected Beings. And here lies the cause. We were created to ascend into our divinity. There is no other purpose for our creation – human or angelic or any other form of creation – than to ascend into our divinity. The angelic path is pure and slow. The human path is dark and fast thanks to freewill and karma.

Of course, there are many reasons for the fall. One reason is the angels who fall together are choosing to fall to a low vibration path so they can ascend at a faster rate. They know they will be separated from their twin when in body till their vibration rises to such a degree that they once more remember each other. It is a sacrifice that has a deep impact on their human lives, as they will always feel a part of them is missing, but they must feel the sacrifice is worth the eventual outcome.

For those who fall alone and leave their twin flame in their angelic form, the reasons are different. While separate, the angelic twin will always be with their human twin, never forgetting them. Whereas if they fell together, they would forget each other until their vibrations were sufficiently raised to remember each other. This way the angel will always be a loving support to their twin through the fall and subsequent ascension. The angel will fly for them both, holding and supporting the human twin. The single angel falls alone to enrich the collective experience of them both. As the fallen angel experiences freewill, grief, pain, suffering and all it entails, so does the angelic twin. The ascension of the human twin also assists the angel twin in their ascension.

The Masters have said another reason for any angelic fall is to have a relationship with a planetary life form – our Mother Earth. Many don’t give credence to the wonderful life form that is our Mother Earth. She is an Ascending Being in her own right. She is a being of great love and wisdom, and for the angelic realm, a connection with our Mother Earth Papatuanuku is an experience they seek.

Other than Mother Mary, we asked which of the Ascended Masters were of angelic origin. These are the few that appeared to reveal their angelic origin: Amaterasu, Ares, Chananda, Dom Ignacio, Eros, Hera, Hilarion, Inanna, Jesus, Kuthumi, Lady Nada, Ma’at, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Osiris, Pallas Athena, Portia, Ra-mun, St. Anthony of Padua, St. John the Baptist, Serapis Bey, Sitatapatra, Susanóo, Thomas Merton, and Vishnu.