All articles are written by Verna Maruata.

I have been told for most of my life that I’m not grounded. I’ve used countless techniques and ate grounding foods, and still I was only about 60% in my body. And I wasn’t alone, many of my spiritual friends on the path of Ascension were having the same difficulties.

What’s the point? Why do we need to be grounded in these times of rapid Ascension?

We are spiritual Beings having a physical experience called Life. If we aren’t grounded, Life occurs around us, and for much of it, we aren’t present. We are missing out on the Life we are here to live. We miss words of importance spoken, we miss connections with people of importance, we miss the lessons we came here to learn. For the most part, this means our soul purpose (the reason we are in this life) can go unfinished, or we can proceed without all the tools we need to complete it. If we fail to learn our lessons and complete our soul purpose in this life, then we are sure to be reborn for another attempt.

So why are we ungrounded? Why isn’t being present easy, if that’s why we are here?

Just because we are here doesn’t mean we want to be here. There is a lot of pain in these lives we live and being ungrounded is a way of not being present and not having to deal with Life. Also, in these modern times with so much technology and city living, there is a disconnection from the land and nature, which is one of the elements that contribute to grounding.

So, what are the benefits of being grounded?

Food tastes better, colours are brighter, our engagement with those around us deepens our life experiences, our emotional bodies are more in balance, and we are less affected by energies around us. Plus, the big benefits – we are more present in the Now, and we are better equipped to fulfill our soul purpose.

With being still only 60% in my body on the best of days after practicing numerous techniques, I was excited at the advent of a grounding oil. The Maha Chohan and the 7 Chohans recognized a need in humanity for assistance in this area and manifested in the Ascended Masters’ portal in New Zealand an oil specifically for grounding. But being Ascended Masters, they once more have over delivered. Read more about  Grounding oil here.