"How do I connect with my Ascended Master?" I get asked this question a lot.

  • The quick and easy way is to open your heart to the Master. A heart connection will bring them in close and start the two-way connection.
  • There is a deeper way. This is the way to ask questions and get answers. This is the Torus Technique, given to me by Sanat Kumara. This technique ensures you have a heart, mind, and soul connection with the Master. Instructions on how to do this free torus technique are here.
  • If you are unsure about the energy that is coming in, and yes there are a lot of pretenders out there, then I suggest you look at the Ascended Master portal cards. It is through these portal cards that the Ascended Master’s energy flows 24/7. Linking to the Master via the portal card ensures you are connecting to the true Ascended Master. These cards are excellent for putting directly onto the chakra. The Master’s energy then flows directly into your chakras. You can see all the Ascended Master portal cards here.