The Torus Technique - connect with the Ascended Masters and Archangels

You are a multidimensional spiritual Being having a physical experience. We forget this. We think we are a limited person in a physical body when truly we are much more. The torus can be a vehicle for you to explore more of your multi-dimensional Divine self. It is a clear way of connecting with the Ascended Masters and Archangels.

The Torus Technique article is here. 


Personal Balance & Harmony

Here is a little exercise the Masters gave me for personal balance and harmony.

Sit quietly, go on into a meditative state if you want to.
Create an egg shape around your physical body about 18 inches out.
Feel your energy. How much is outside of the egg? See or feel your energy outside of the shell. Is it even outside of the shell? Wispy? Tendrils? Solid? Is there more on one side than another? Is it gathered in one area?
Now they want you to pull all of your energy into the egg. Some of it might be miles away with another person, pull it all back, pull it into the shell. It might feel tight, pull it all in.
Now feel or see a line running through the centre dividing your left and right sides.
Pull the energy that is meant to be on the left side back from the right side, and pull the energy that is meant to be on the right side back from the left side. So, the left side energy is contained, and the right side energy is contained.
Feel both left and right energy sides against each other on that central line. Tighten and straighten the energy so you feel the left side and right side in balance.
Sit in this energy for a while.
Do you feel stronger?
Do you feel more in your power?
Do you feel balanced?
Do you feel stable?
Now go to your heart chakra or your sacred heart and feel love.
See the love spread to the left and right sides of your energy within the egg.
Do you feel in harmony with self?

Originally shared in the 15th February 2018 Diary Entry.


The In & Out Breath

Meditation Technique from Ascended Master Paul the Venetian

"Silence is a place... it’s that place where a drop of water is suspended before it falls, like that drop of water you see. It’s the place between the in breath and the out breath. And in this silence, there is no thought, no sound. That is the place you strive to achieve in meditation.

Concentrate on the breath at that point when your lungs are full and before you exhale. Feel and experience the place between breaths. Now hold that place as you exhale, hold that place between breaths, inhale still holding that place. Keep holding the place between breaths as you slowly breath in and out, renewing your place in the silence.

How long did it take before a thought came in? Embrace the place of silence in meditation, for there you achieve great balance, and in the balance, Oneness.”

Meditation technique for those who find meditation difficult - a technique from St. John the Baptist

“Let's start with taking mediation into the body and away from the mind. The mind and thoughts are the biggest barrier to meditation for many.

To start, sit at a table, feet on the floor, and folded arms on the table. Lean into the table and your arms so you can feel your ribs. Close your eyes. Take your attention to your lungs; feel them moving in and out as you breathe. In and out, in and out. Feel the lungs.

Now sit up straight and continue to feel your lungs, in and out, in and out. Now, bring your attention up from the lungs to the heart chakra. You can still feel the lungs going in and out, but they feel distant. Just stay in that space.

That is meditating in the heart. When you have had enough, take a deep breath in and out several times, and open your eyes when you are ready.”


The Perfect Path Technique

A technique to connect to help you find your way. There comes a time when we don't know which decision to make and which path to choose. This technique will help you.

The Perfect Path article is here.


Pathways to Ascension

There are many pathways to Ascension. We are each free to choose our own path, some quick, some slow - we all get there eventually, it just depends on how many lifetimes we want to spend here on Earth. Your ascension journey is yours. You are the master of your own path.

Here are some tips on how to raise your vibration and consciousness.

  1. Devotion - Devotion to the God within, your own Christ Light. All the knowledge in the world won’t get you one step closer to your Christ Light, only devotion can do that.
  2. Forgiveness - Forgiveness is so important, not only of others, but of self, not only in this life but all past lives. If we don’t forgive, we don’t let go, and if we don’t let go, nothing changes.
  3. Care and attention to being the Being – Watch what you say, think, and do. We create karma every day.
  4. Take on the philosophy of having heart-based thoughts, heart-based actions, and hear- based speech.
  5. Meditate - meditate in the Sacred Heart. This is the pathway forward. From there, practice unconditional love and compassion.
  6. Once you are comfortable in the Sacred Heart, move on to finding the Holy Heart within the Sacred Heart. It is the Holy Heart that is the pathway to the higher chakras and where the Higher Self will reside after the 6th initiation. Get to know the hidden aspects of you.
  7. After the 4th initiation, some of you might find a crystal within the Sacred Heart. This crystal will be activated when you reach the 5th initiation.
  8. Practice the Torus Technique to give union to Divine Mind, Sacred Heart, and Soul.
  9. Drink pure water – It sounds crazy, but the higher your vibration, the more hydrated you need to be.
  10. Diet – Diet doesn't seem to have much of an impact. As you ascend, you will know what you want to eat and what is right for you. And alcohol? Doesn't seem to be an issue. Sex? Again, not an issue.


St. John the Baptist Oil

St. John is a Master of Balance on all levels. He is also a Master of Meditation. Balance is needed for true meditation. This oil will bring you into balance for deep meditation. This oil will help you reach greater depths in meditation.

Here is the link to St John's oil. 


Sacred Heart and the Holy Heart

The Sacred Heart is an essential part of the ascension process, for it is the pathway to the Holy Heart and from there to the Higher Self. For those of you who don't know where the Sacred Heart is, I repeat here a technique I wrote up.

Go into a meditative breath.
Take your attention or awareness to your physical heart, feel it beating.
Then take your attention to your heart chakra. No preconceived ideas, just bring your awareness into this space.
Then raise your awareness to the space in your body just above your heart chakra. No preconceived ideas, no expectations - just be. Just sit in this space with awareness. This is the Sacred Heart. Do this daily.
Here is a link to read more about the Sacred Heart and Holy Heart.

Here is a link to read more about the Sacred Heart and Holy Heart 


Healing Shawls

I would have loved to give everyone I know a healing shawl. The whole world needs a healing shawl because when anyone puts on the healing shawl, healing happens and it happens on all levels. Plus, things in the auric field that need to go get zapped, people’s colours get brighter, blockages are cleared, and energy lifts. Look at the healing shawls, these are a must for every man, woman, and child.