alexander.jpgAlexander is a First Ray Ascended Master. He has passed the seventh initiation.

Alexander is a First Ray Master. Physically, Alexander presents at six feet tall with powerful and broad shoulders; he has large muscles. Yet his energy is gentle and loving. His hair is dark blonde, short, and with messy spikes. He has a beard. He wears a blue power suit with a white undershirt, and sometimes he wears a red tie. He has a sense of humour, and he laughs at his own jokes.

As a warrior of the First Ray, Alexander helps those who are victims or have experienced victimization. He is a pillar of strength to lean on while learning to stand in our power. He stands against all manner of ill intentions and darkness. Integrity is one of his deeply rooted virtues.

He is an alchemist. He is driven to bridge the gap between physical and metaphysical energies. He says, "Physical beings are organic, metaphysical machines." He is a wonderful healer.



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