alpha-asended-master-portal.jpgAlpha is a Cosmic Master of the Great Central Sun. Together with his twin flame Omega they personify the Mother/Father/God. Alpha is the quintessential god/masculine energy.

They are here to help us with union; union within ourselves, union with our own twin flame, and union with form and spirit, as exists between our own Higher Self and our incarnation in form. Both of these Masters are for those actively seeking their own twin flame, or for those who have found them. These Masters help bring the twin relationship into harmony.

alpha-aura-180.jpgCosmic Master Alpha's aura is a column of white and silver. To the right is a graphic of the cross section of his aura column.

Alpha is working with the Ascended Master Paul, the Venetian – the Chohan of the 3rd ray.

The painting at the top is a portal for his energy to flow out to humanity 24/7. It is not available as a card or print. Open your heart to the energy coming from the painting and ask Alpha to help you on your ascension journey.


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