Archangel Gabriel

I continue my articles on the Archangels. Archangel Gabriel came to talk to me in the Ascended Masters’ portal, a safe and secure place where he could share a little about himself in truth.

Archangel Gabriel is an Archangel of the Fourth Ray. This is the white ray of harmony through conflict. As he stood before me, I felt like I was standing in the eye of a storm. There was no sound, just this complete sense of peace. I felt cold and invigorated. Standing before him made me stand straighter. I felt all my energies balance up and align in seconds, though I wasn’t aware until that moment that they weren’t. Standing before him I felt I was stepping into a better version of myself.

His hair is white and long. His wings are white. His robes are white, and amidst this vision of white, he looked at me with piercing blue eyes. As I stand before him feeling decidedly intimidated, he smiles. I am bowled over by a burst of love, and my heart swells in return.

He tells me the Fourth Ray, which represents harmony through conflict amongst humanity, is a serious thing. It is serious on a personal level and a global level. He brings in a group of people and he shows me how very tight everyone is. Their throats are tight, and they can’t express themselves. They can’t speak their truth. Their hearts are tight and closed. They can’t feel. Their minds are rigid and their thinking nearly paralysed. Their muscles are tight. They are closed. All of this contributes to ill health on every level.

Archangel Gabriel said, nothing functions when everyone is in their own personal lockdown. This is a form of self-protection. This self-lockdown occurs when we are in a state of conflict within ourselves and with others. The personal conflict is a battle many fight daily. This conflict may be caused by how we feel about ourselves, what we think of ourselves, self judgment, accepting other people’s judgements of us as true, low-self-esteem, guilt, doubt and so on. Or it may be the world we live in. Abuse, bullying, war, violence, the list is long.

Then he started to send love to this group before him. I could feel them start to relax. Their muscles relaxed. Their breathing was a little easier. Their thinking became a little less rigid. Their throats eased a little and their hearts seemed to have a smile in them.

Love is the key to everyone’s personal defence mechanisms, everyone’s personal lockdown.

Then Archangel Gabriel showed me the legions of white angels. I saw guardian angels standing with each person and sending love. The Ground Force he called them. Then I see hosts of angels singing to humanity and sending love. I see angels crying when their efforts fail. I see the care and the personal attention each person gets from the angels. There is an angel standing with you as you read this. What a truly wonderful gift the angels give us. In this moment, I have to give thanks to my personal guardian angel for their service.

I turned back to Archangel Gabriel and his cool blue gaze made me realise he is similar to the managing director of a company. He manages these angels and directs their work with humanity. His love and compassion rolled over me again as I started to cry for humanity. I so wanted to feel the eye of the storm again and to step away from the pain of humanity. But it wasn’t to be, he explained to me, as we only reach our own state of peace and harmony and our personal eye of the storm by traversing the conflict that resides within ourselves. When we win the battle within, then we enter that cool, invigorating place of inner peace.