Archangel Michael has wanted me to write about him and the other Archangels for a while. He is a permanent part of the Ascended Master team here at the Ascended Masters’ portal, and I work with him nearly every day. He wants to be known in truth.

As he stood beside me in the High temple, he showed me his hair - so soft and black.

His eyes are blue. He has an angular jaw, a strong chin, and his forehead is slightly receding. His nose is straight. The overall impression of him is a strong face. His wings are white; they have an opalescent appearance from afar, but the white has depth up close. 

Archangel Michael’s aura is turquoise, denoting his place as an Archangel of the blue First Ray. The First Ray brings God’s will and power to humanity. It is the warrior ray. 

Archangel Michael is a warrior and a protector. 

Archangel Michael carries a blue sword. This sword was given to him by the Elohim of the First Ray, Hercules. The sword has two extra components – sound and flame. The flame is the blue flame of the First Ray which provides the sword with power. The sound increases the sword’s effectiveness.

Archangel Michael is also a singer. His voice is deep, and he uses it to clear energy by breaking down and cracking through negative vibrations. 

Archangel Michael has complete faith and trust in himself. He stands in his personal power which contributes to his strength. He knows he will always win against the dark side. This isn’t ego, this is supreme belief in self. 

Archangel Michael demands authenticity from those he works with and who follow him. He looks at them in terms of authenticity. Warriors need to stand in their power. Being authentic means standing in your own power. 

There has been an increase in his presence with children. He is there to protect and assist them in their young lives. Archangel Michael is a protector angel and a fighter of battles. If your child is having a tough time at home, at school, or when they sleep, tell them they can call on Archangel Michael for help. 

Archangel Michael leads the team that builds the Ascended Master protection grids for protection against negative attacks. Archangel Michael (with others) created the Blue Flame Ascension oil in the Ascended Masters’ portal in New Zealand. He also made an Archangel Michael oil for personal power. He calls it ‘Warrior’, though often the person we are fighting is ourselves. He will help you find your own personal power and authenticity. When you do so, you become your own greatest supporter.