Archangel Raphael is a Fifth Ray angel. This is the Ray of knowledge, truth, and healing. aa-raphael-wings-300px.jpg

As I hold his crystal portal, I am taken to the Ascension temple. He appears before me as an angel in flight. His arms are held out in welcome. His white robes billow in a breeze that isn’t present except for the movement from his outstretched white wings. I am looking up at him and he is looking down at me. His sea green eyes seem to look into my soul.

I find myself sitting at a scribes table. The energy of the scribe is all around. I expect to see a feather quill in my hand.

As I look up at him, I note his aura is sea green, the same colour as his eyes. His hair is black, one length, and above his shoulder. His hair is back off his face, and I wonder how he keeps it like that and why it isn’t falling forward as he looks down at me. I am shown tiny intricate plaits; they are so fine they look like strands of hair. His wings are bright white. He has no adornments. He carries nothing with him. It is just him.

This he says is an indication of what he is saying to humanity. Self is enough. You are enough. How you choose to be, how you choose to dress, what you do to your body is about you. We are all individuals with a unique and perfect energy. We may not see it that way. We may compare ourselves to others, judge ourselves, judge others, or others may judge us, but at the root, we are all unique and beautiful people. Your personal truth resides in you. A tenet of the Fifth Ray.

As a Fifth Ray Archangel he is focused on communicating in truth. Truth with information, truth within, and truth of self. Truth requires sifting of information, whether it is from external sources or an internal examination. It requires letting go of all the details that cloud the single truth. That one truth will shine brightly. This isn’t a process of the mind, but a process of the heart. He suggests when you are trying to find your way forward to just sit in the Sacred Heart in a meditative state and ask him to bring all the entire issue before you. Then just sit in meditation and allow all the dross, details, emotions, etc. to fall away. All that is left is a single truth. Whether it be a personal truth or an external truth. Still the mind, sit in the Sacred Heart, for this is the place of truth, and Be. The mind wants to interfere and create, but the Sacred Heart is Holy. In this Sacred Heart Space, truths are revealed.

He comes closer and sits before the scribe’s desk and says, “The Fifth Ray is also a warrior ray.” He shows me Archangel Michael with his sword. He tells me Fifth Ray people are warriors too. For it takes a warrior spirit to look at self in truth and speak those personal truths. It takes a warrior spirit to determine a truth in an external world and either stand with it or against it.

I ask him “Why is the Fifth Ray described as a healing ray?” He is serious. He ponders this for a moment. And then gives me a cheeky grin. “Knowing self in truth is healing.”

He then gets up and leaves. Our time together is over.