cha Ara Ascended Master PortalCha Ara ascended in the Middle East, more specifically in old Persia and modern day Iran.

His skin is olive, like those from the Middle East. His nose is his distinguishable feature in that it droops at the tip and is wide. His dark hair is about 3 inches all over. He looks about 21. He is full of energy and rather likes himself. He can be seen wearing Ali Baba type red pants, a very white shirt, and a fez hat. Or he can appear in leather jacket and jeans. If he were in body today, he'd be into music and dance. He is fun.

Cha Ara Ascended Master Aura

His energy colours are soft green to deep green in descending horizontal lines as seen in the graphic. This indicates he is a 5th ray Master; the green and orange ray of healing and knowledge.

Ethnicity, like religion, means nothing to the Masters. When they ascend they became a Being of light - not a person of any colour. They don't have physical form. They only show themselves in form to make us feel more comfortable and to create a point of connection and familiarity. Cha Ara doesn't walk with anyone as teacher. He instead focuses on helping humanity as a group rather than individuals; helping people to think independently and not follow like sheep. We ascend as individuals. Remember the Ascended Masters are here to help humanity ascend. It is very hard to ascend as part of a group or as a follower, because part of ascension is about personal power. Therefore, Cha Ara is helping those in a group start to question and think for themselves instead of following blindly.


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