edward.jpgEdward is a Fifth Ray Ascended Master. He has passed the seventh initiation.

Edward is a Fifth Ray Master. He is on the outward green aspect of the ray. He is serious. He is here to help you speak your truth, whether it be from personal knowledge or an inner source. He is here to help you find your voice and to help your voice be heard. Call on him when you have trouble communicating, he will help you find the way and the words. He will make you feel safe and supported. You may feel his strength and steadiness, qualities that may make you feel you can trust him.

If Edward were to appear to you in meditation, he might appear as a man with dark blond tight ringlet curls. He has green eyes. He has a ski slope nose. He can appear wearing a brown linen suit, with a black t-shirt beneath and sneakers. Or he might appear as his energetic self, showing his aura colours of sage green with purple and green overlays leading to a purple edge.



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