Eros Ascended Master Portal

Eros is the God of Love.

As we ascend, we also ascend in our understanding and abilities. Eros is here to help us understand there are many levels of Love. He is here to help us increase our awareness and knowledge of the heart chakra, the Sacred Heart, and the Holy Heart.

Eros, God of Love, has an aura of energy spirals in opalescent ruby, opaque golds and cream. He is a 6th ray master on the ruby and gold aspects of the ray. The 6th ray is the ray of devotion and of the goddess.

He is young, charming, and good-looking with strawberry blonde hair. The charm is evident in his smile and eyes.

At this time, he is working with the Ascended Master Isis.

The painting at the top is a portal for his energy to flow out to humanity 24/7. It is not available as a card or print. Open your heart to the energy coming from the painting and ask Eros to help you on your ascension journey.


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