Imp clearing


We have teamed up with BlueFire Alchemy (Brad Panopolous and the Ascended Master Alexander) and with a Higher Faery from the Faery Kingdom, to bring to you a new clearing and removal service designed to address the negative impact and influence that Imps are having on humanity.

Imps are beings from the Faery Kingdom. They are mischievous beings that create havoc and chaos in our reality.

  • Does your life have unexplained conflict or arguments?
  • Are you experiencing irritability?
  • Emotional ups and downs?
  • Are you triggered easily?
  • Does life just seem hard?
  • Are you experiencing unexplained disappearance of possessions,
  • Are there unexplained noises,
  • Is electricity disrupted or are you having electronic issues?
  • Does it feel like the universe is against you?

The Ascended Masters Alexander and Marua will remove any Imps from your energy field, your home and even your workplace or apartment building. They will then transport the Imps safely back to their own realm, handing them over to the high Faery, who will then ensure the Imps can’t leave the Faery Kingdom to have a negative impact on humanity.

This session can be for a

  • person and home,
  • family (maximum 5 people)
  • friends’ group (maximum 3 people)
  • person and office,
  • person and apartment building
  • … and more! We are happy to discuss your needs.

We do need from you, a current photo of you and people or places you want to include. 

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2 Reviews

John C 3rd Feb 2024

I highly recommend this service!

You will be surprised at the peace you feel in your home after. My home felt stressful to be in. I would wake up in a bad mood and it was a stressful way/place to start the day. After the clearing I immediately felt peace and it was relaxing to be in again. With this service you do not have to worry about future issues. If the flow of your home feels off or if things feels chaotic check it out.

Kate K 23rd Jan 2024

So glad I got this done!

I was playing with my son and noticed I suddenly felt very peaceful and was just in my heart; it was like everything went quiet and a chaos dissipated (like the sea suddenly clearing up after a storm when you’re on a lifeboat in the middle of said sea), and I was suddenly very aware of colors, sounds, sensations, vibrations—of everything around me. And then I got the email saying the clearing was just done!

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