Jyahlien, New Ascended MasterJyahlien is a Sixth Ray Ascended Master. She has passed the seventh initiation.

Jyahlien (Pronunciation) shares that names are a construct that gives definition, and trying to name an energetic being attempts to put a construct around something that is not definable. Yet, she also understands that names are part of how humans interact and understand things. The name she has shared is Jyahlien. The sound softens at the end.

If she were to appear to you in meditation in human form, you would see a regal woman. She wears a purple cloak with gold trim. Her long curly hair is gold/red in colour. She wears it up, artfully arranged. Her eyes are dark brown. She has a gentle and loving smile. If she were to appear energetically, her aura is a ruby red with a pink edge. Across her aura is a gold sparkling wash.

Her colours tell you who she is. She is a Sixth Ray Master, the ray of the goddess and devotion. She wants you to learn to honour and love the goddess within you. She is here to bring forth a new understanding and integration of the divine feminine to the planet. She is here to help us understand the personal power of the compassionate and loving goddess that resides in all of us. This is not a masculine power, but the inner strength and power of the divine feminine. The pink in her aura alludes to her compassion and love for humanity.

Her symbol is the regal snow leopard. She has one walking with her.




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