Lady Nada Ascended Master Portal

Ascended Master Lady Nada is here to work with the children – all children. She is also here to work with everyone to heal his or her own inner child: the wounded child that exists in each of us.

Ascended Master Lady Nada has the most beautiful, soft energy. When she first came to me to create her imprinted portal (above), she lifted her arms and I saw her sleeves were like gossamer butterfly wings. Her energy is delicate, gentle and soft. If you are in emotional pain, call on Lady Nada and she will take you in her arms to help heal the pain. The portal is available as prints and cards.

Her last life (the life in which she ascended) was in India. In that life she was unable to have children, so, as a soul living from the heart, she overcame her pain and took all children into her heart. She works with women who have trouble with their monthly cycle and reproductive organs, those unable to have children, and those who have problems with fertility.

She is often depicted as blonde, though she has dark hair. I am told the image of blonde hair is due to the amount of light around her head.

She is working with the Elohim Lumina at this time.

Lady Nada Ascended Master Aura

Ascended Master Lady Nada has an aura of pale lavender (nearly white) and gold (see the image to the right).

As a Lady Master of the 6th ray, she is aligned with the state of devotion and works with the Deva of Devotion. The Deva is the animating force of the act of devotion. The Deva of Devotion, along with the Ascended Masters, has made an oil to facilitate devotion within us. If you are a 6th ray soul, I suggest this Devotion oil for you as well as the Deva of Devotion's portal card.

Her portal/painting as shown at the top of the page is available as a card or print. Her energy flows from it 24/7. It is wonderful to have the print sending energy into a room. You may also place the card on a chakra and receive the Master’s energy directly into the chakras.

Also, check out Lady Nada's new oil called ‘Inner Child’. She made this to assist all who use it to awaken and heal their inner child.


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