nova-glow.jpgGrace Nova Glow is a Second Ray Ascended Master. She has passed the seventh initiation.

She is a being of light who shines like a star to dispel darkness. She is a moonbeam for patience, the sunrise to bring joy, sunshine for clear perception, sunset to bring wisdom, the glow of a candle for humility, and the warmth of a smile and eyes that sparkle to sustain lightness of being. She is a constant, quiet reminder that light follows darkness and that sources of inspiration and enlightenment exist in both our outer and inner worlds. She will come to you in a feeling of warmth and comfort, in a moment of lightness and joy and insight of wisdom, with an unexpected kindness and the serenity of humility.

Her Second Ray lights illuminate Fifth Ray paths of healing through self-knowledge and truth. Her Second Ray shimmering glow warms and lends support to Third Ray paths of unconditional love and forgiveness.

Grace Nova Glow exists to brighten the darkness, to promise enlightenment despite difficulty, and to be a constant glowing beacon of love. In meditation, she may come in any of three forms. She may appear as candlelight or a comforting, glowing source of light. Or, perhaps in female human form with long golden curls that shimmer in candlelight, wearing a sheer, long voile nightdress. She has green eyes and a round, friendly face. Nova Glow is most comfortable as her Dragon self, a loving, gentle green dragon with yellow-green eyes and a copper glow and shimmer to her body. She most often appears to those who are open to her guiding, healing light and loving comfort. Her aura colors shimmer in yellow, green, and copper.



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