Pallas Athena, Ascended Master Portal

Ascended Master Pallas Athena is a warrior goddess, a warrior of Truth. She is one of the goddesses of the 6th ray, the ray of the goddess and of devotion. She is the newly appointed Chohan of the 6th ray taking over from Lady Nada. As the Chohan of the ray, she focuses the Christ Consciousness of the ray to humanity.

Her energy is not soft; she has a very strong, focused energy. Know that she isn't the biddable type. She is here to help us find the truth within ourselves and to speak that truth regardless of the ramifications. She also helps those who fight for a Truth or a cause beyond his or herself.

She isn’t one to call upon for help if you aren’t secure in who you are. If she is your teacher, know she has chosen you. You will have two qualities she requires of all her chelas: valour and compassion, for you are in training to be a warrior of Truth.

If she stood before you and looked you in the eye, you would know she sees right into your soul, stripping away all the stories and the dross to reveal the core truth. This is one of her lessons to her students: no story, just bare truth. How many of us lie to ourselves and dress our self in lies and stories of justification? If she is your Master, you will learn to know yourself as she sees you.

She sometimes appears on a white horse and she is often seen in a dark purple cloak. Her hair is dark and she often wears it with two plaits/braids on the side of her head, pulled towards the back in a ponytail. Her eyes are violet leaning towards blue. She is quite stunning and tall, about six foot. Her muscles are sculptured, and she looks like she could be into bodybuilding.

Ascended Master Pallas Athena is working with the Cosmic Master Osiris at this time.

Pallas Athena, Ascended Master Aura

Ascended Master Pallas Athena's aura (see right) rises from a very dark purple, to purple, and then into gold. Some may see an unworldly green line in the centre.

Many experts have written she is of the 5th ray as the 5th ray is the ray of Truth, but her aura colours indicate she is of the 6th ray and I have only ever seen her stand with 6th ray souls. These differences of opinion do not negate the wonderful work she does as a Master. As a Lady Master of the 6th ray, she is also aligned with the state of devotion and works with the Deva of devotion.

The Deva is the animating force of the act of devotion. The Deva of devotion, along with the Ascended Masters, has made an oil to facilitate devotion within us. If you are a 6th ray soul, I suggest this Devotion oil to you, along with the Deva of Devotions portal card.

Her portal painting as shown at the top is available as a portal card or portal print. Her energy flows from it 24/7. It is wonderful to have the print sending energy into a room. You may also place the card on a chakra and receive the Master’s energy directly into the chakras.


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