pukalani.jpgPukalani is a Fifth Ray Ascended Master. He has passed the eighth initiation.

Pukalani is a Fifth Ray Master on the ray of Truth, Healing, and Knowledge. Pukalani is a Hawaiian name that means a doorway or gateway to heaven. He knows the way. He is a powerful looking Polynesian man with long dark hair and a beautiful, strong gaze. He wears an emerald green tunic. On the sides and back of his head, he wears a half circlet, from which silver and green crystals rise like two mountains on the side of his head, symbolising the difficult climb of ascension. Pukalani is quiet, serious, and subtle in his communication, but it is through his gentle strength that he assists those who are struggling to come into their power and truth, especially those who find it difficult to speak their truth. He can help you to find your truth within, thus helping you to find your strength and means to self-heal. He says, “Knowing yourself is knowing your truth.” He will help with self-empowerment. Humanity has given away their power and sough truth outside themselves for too long. On a deeper level, he sees the inner conflict that exists within some of you, and he will help you resolve this. This will lead you not only to a place of greater self-understanding and healing, but also to a place of personal wisdom. His aura is various shades of green, with white and a translucent yellow overlay at the edge.



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