sarah-joy.jpgSarah Joy is a Second Ray Ascended Master. She has passed the seventh initiation.

Sarah Joy’s name means pure joy, and she is exactly that. She is a Second Ray Master, the ray of wisdom and joy.

If she were to appear to you in form, she appears to be in her mid-30’s to 40’s. She has long wavy strawberry blonde hair and a beautiful face. She wears a soft yellow, flowy dress and is usually barefoot. She calls herself a happy hippy and sings “with flowers in her hair”. Her aura has a yellow centre leading to a small white border, then a soft apricot that gradually turns to a burnt orange.

She has a sense of humour similar to Jesus. She is carefree and joyful. She embraces life and love, so we can feel she is motherly. She doesn’t command, she encourages like a mother would do. She has a deep love for humanity and a desire to heal those who are hurting. She wants them to find joy in living and the wisdom this brings.



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