St Germain Ascended Master Portal

Ascended Master St Germain is one of the better known Ascended Masters.

He is the Chohan of the 7th ray, the Violet ray. The 7th ray is the ray of alchemy, change, magic and transmutation.

As Chohan of the 7th ray, St Germain focuses the Christ Consciousness of the ray. The energy of the 7th ray is the principle energy of this 2,000 year cycle. We all incarnate on one of the 7 rays, which we call our soul ray. And even though the 7th ray is depicted as the principle energy of this cycle, it is the ray humanity least incarnates on. St. Germain stands with most 7th ray souls.

St. Germain has a reputation for fun and humour, yet has the qualities of dignity and grace.

St Germain Ascended Master Portrait

The Flame of the 7th ray is the Violet Flame. St. Germain has done much to promote the value and practice of the Violet flame. Read here for more on the Violet flame and the 6 other Ascension Flames. His past lives includes the prophet Samuel, St. Joseph the father of Jesus, St. Alban, Merlin, Roger Bacon, Christopher Columbus, and Francis Bacon. It was as Count St. Germain that he made his ascension.

His symbol is the Maltese Cross.

His portal painting is above to the left. He painted this portal so his students and followers could have a closer connection to him. His energy flows through this portal painting 24/7. It is available as a portal print and as a portal card. It is wonderful to have him sending his energy into a room 24/7 via the print. You may also place the card on a chakra and receive the Master’s energy directly into the chakras.

St Germain Ascended Master Aura

Ascended Master St. Germain’s aura is violet through to maroon (as seen to the left). This is useful to know for those who are working closely with him.

You also might like to check out St. Germain's oil he made in the Ascended Masters portal. He calls it ‘Self-transformation’. This is a very powerful oil. He made it to assist you to create change within and to expand the Self beyond limitations. This oil is not for the timid. It brings up for transmutation all your faults, bad patterns of behavior, and negative personality traits. This transmutation is a necessary part of Ascension and perfecting the Being.

St. Germain also was instrumental in bringing into this dimension Violet Flame oil, the first oil in the Ascension Flame series. This Violet Flame oil is a must for anyone on the path of Ascension. St. Germain provides it at 100 proof Violet Flame, making it very powerful. The Violet flame we call forth ourselves comes through at our own level of ascension, but his oil transcends that limitation and is the complete Violet Flame energy. Use it with caution as it is powerful. I applied it for the first time and then went to walk down some stairs. As I lay at the bottom stairs with a sizeable amount of karma paid, I realized it was better to use the oil before going to bed.


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