Aishlah_El, New Ascended MasterAishlah_EL is a First Ray Ascended Master. She has passed the seventh initiation.

The Ascended Master Aishlah_EL is on the Divine Omega aspect of the First Ray. Her teacher is the Elohim Amazonia. Aishlah, like her teacher Amazonia, deals with finding and developing one's inner divine power in all its glory. Her colours are quite lovely; they are a soft inner core of light silver with a circle of red and dark blue, and then medium sky blue reflecting outwards. Aishlah's secondary colours are on the Divine feminine aspect of the Third Ray, a beautiful soft golden pink.

Aishlah is first and foremost a warrior. She stands 5'8" to 5'9" with long, wavy golden brown hair she will either wear down or in long braids. She has bright, shining blue-green eyes and has a strong, athletic built, yet she has the grace and delicacy of a dancer about her. She looks like she stepped out of a Scandinavian myth of old, as she has the look of an armoured Valkyrie. She comes to serve and help those in need of developing or finding their inner power and strength. Aishlah can be seen in long gowns and capes. She is extremely fond of velvet with pearls. The colours she wears are, of course, silver, bluish-red, and sky blue. In her more playful moods, you will see her in golden pink. She carries an inlaid pearl and silver sword at her right hand side and a matching inlaid pearl and silver dagger in her boot on the left side. In modern gear, Aishlah is fond of black thigh boots with blue jean jeggings, a black leather jacket, a starched white shirt, and silver jewellery to match. Aishlah loves children and animals and will go to great lengths to protect them. She is serious, but there is a soft, gentle side to her. She loves to dance, sing, and play music, but is ready to go into battle when called. On occasion you will see her with her horse and the little pets she carries around with her in a huge velvet satchel she keeps at her side. Aishlah_EL wants all to know the Love, Grace, and Strength of the Divine is for All of Us.



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