Kuan Yin Oil - Inner Peace


Ascended Master Kuan Yin is the goddess of compassion.

In her compassion for humanity, she has manifested an oil in the Ascended Masters' portal she calls 'Inner Peace'.

This is a healing oil for those who need emotional body healing and for those who seek Peace on any level. This oil is for those internal battles we fight within ourselves that keep peace away. 

She sees within our hearts and minds and knows and feels our emotional pain. This oil is her response to crossing the barrier between her dimension and ours. This oil is the manifestation into the physical, of her help and of her love for humanity.

If you have emotional turmoil or emotional pain, if you have self recriminations, if you have self judgement that weighs you down, or if you just seek inner peace, then this oil is for you. If you have trouble dealing with certain people, then this oil will bring you into a place of clear and calm communication. This oil is a must for those who have deep or hidden anger issues. 

This oil will help you be calm and connect with others from a place of action, not reaction.

If she is your Ascended Master or you work with her, then this oil is for you.


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Beata Uhrin 9th Mar 2024

Kuan Yin oil

I've been using the Kuan Yin oil for about 7 weeks. If someone really needed inner peace to calm the inner storm down, well, that is definitely it. I felt peace from the first time I used it, but with prolonged use I'm feeling even more peaceful week by week. I love it. Thank you!

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