Chamuel Archangel of the 3rd Ray Aura

Archangel Chamuel is an Archangel of the Third Ray, the pink ray of unconditional love. Here at the Ascended Masters’ portal, we are used to crystals manifesting out of thin air. One of the most beautiful crystals we have received came from Archangel Chamuel. It is a portal for his energy to come closer to humanity. Over the years, many people have sat and received his blessing and love via his crystal portal. Love radiates from him and his portal in waves. He is a manifestation of Divine Love.

To write this piece, I sat on a torus with Archangel Chamuel and asked him what he wanted me to write. First and foremost, he wanted to be known and recognised in truth. If he were to appear to you, you would see a man with a round bald head. He has a thin nose, high cheekbones, and a firm jaw. His eyes are black. His massive wings are dark brown and tawny gold. They are soft. He is dressed in a plain white robe and across his forehead is a turquoise coloured clear gem circlet.

His aura is a light to mid-pink, in the centre is a violet wash.

His balanced energy is strong, yet soft and refined.

He has a soft glow of pink emanating from his heart. He emanates love in a visual way. His love energy manifests also in his voice, and he sings the vibrations of love out to humanity and the universe. It is so beautiful to feel, hear, and experience. Call on Archangel Chamuel, and open your heart to receive his love.

He shows me a pale gold staff he is holding. It has a clear crystal orb on the top. He asks me to look through it, and I see slum housing in South America. He tells me his love is not only sent to all of humanity, but it has focus as well. He shows me a Third Ray angelic host surrounding this slum and sending love to all those who lives there. With love comes hope.

Archangel Chamuel, along with the Devas of the Pink Flame, have manifested the Pink Flame into creation in our physical reality as the Pink Flame oil. The Flame helps to reunite all parts of self, and in our re-union with self, it brings us into a state of unconditional love for self and others. We need to be a unified whole to love ourselves.


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