Choose 5 Ascended Master portal prints


You choose any 5 of the 22 Ascended Master portal prints.

The 22 Ascended Masters included in this pack are: Dom Ignacio, El Morya, Hilarion, Isis, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Kuthumi, Lady Nada, Lao Tze, Lord Lanto, Maha Chohan, Mary Magdalene, Melchizedek, Mother Mary, Pallas Athena, Paul the Venetian, Ra-Mun, Sanat Kumara, Serapis Bey, St. Germain, St. John the Baptist, and White Tara.

25cm x 25cm size - 10" x 10"

When you checkout, list your 5 Ascended Master portal choices, in the comments section.

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