July 2021


We hope all is well with you in your world. Sending heart hugs to you from us with this email. Sometimes we just need a hug.

Our motto has become “Your path, your power, your ascension”. We are here to help and support you on your path. I see every day just how diverse the ascension process is. Every one of you does it your way, and we love that. The Masters aren’t a way, they are a support system.

We received this review, and I felt many of you might identify with the process and feeling of turning in circles, not quite finding the ascension path that is right for you. This lady who gave the review has found our support and healing help, but every step of the path is hers, supported by years of her learning, teaching, and practising different modalities. They all define and support her process. We respect this process, and with our knowledge of the ascension process, can help her recognise her own ascension milestones and clear what holds her back. The Masters help bring clarity.

“About thirty years have passed since I started studying, completing courses and classes, and teaching metaphysics. I’ve been a conduit for different healing frequencies and been a Teacher/Student of A Course in Miracles for years. I am a Reiki Master. I've taught and practiced The Reconnection throughout the country and attended seminars of insightful and knowledgeable Light Workers. I’ve had Darshan with several Hindu saints and I’ve had all kinds of spiritual experiences and have offered everything I’ve learned to anyone who wanted to listen. I’ve Om’d, meditated, watched, and listened to just about every audio and video with the hopes that they would help to lead me Home, only to realize I that I was just plain stuck.

For many months, I have been searching the Internet for something or someone who might be able to help shed some Light on my Ascension process. I’m sure I was led to the Website, “Ascension With The Ascended Masters.” I sensed the Love through the words, but what spoke more clearly to me was the authenticity which compelled me to read further. The more I read, even though I didn’t understand a lot of what was being said, the more my heart swelled with hope that this was the way and the path for which I had been yearning.

I started with the Ascension Reading which was offered. It was very specific about where I was spiritually and how I had blocked myself. The suggestions I was given were very specific. Of course, there was a tiny bit of scepticism because I’m a Gnostic by nature, and because I was in unchartered waters. However, it didn’t take long for me to begin to experience for myself the changes that were taking place, and I could have never done this by myself. I began feeling the movement forward in May, 2021, and now only two months later I KNOW I found the way for me. If you want to experience the miracle of Divine progress, listen to your heart, and step out of the boat.” -North Carolina, USA

Ascended Master Crystal portals

Waireti wants me to tell you she has just received some gorgeous crystals. She has a few Masters wanting to make them into portals for their energy so they can work in the world via their portals. If you feel called to work with a Master and help them in their work, email us your interest at [email protected]

Healing Shawl seconds

We have a limited number of healing shawl seconds. These are full healing shawls, but there is a minor fault in the shawl, maybe a mark or a pulled thread. These are discounted to NZ$70 which is about US$50. These are potluck; we try and match your energy with the shawl. The healing in these shawls is for physical, emotional, and mental body healing. Waireti and I wouldn’t be without ours on a daily basis for the healing and support they give. These shawls are made by the Ascended Masters St. Germain, Mother Mary, and Dom Ignacio.


Blessings on your month ahead,

Verna and Waireti