June 2023

It's a glorious day here at the portal. Winter is just arriving; the air is crisp and the sun is shining. The Masters are standing around the portal in quiet conversation. They nod to me with acknowledgement and continue talking. St Germain is smoking his usual cheroot. ("It's not like it will kill me" is his usual catch phrase, which he delivers with a smile.)

The antics of the Masters can be surprising. We all have preconceived ideas of what the Masters are meant to be like, and what those ascending is meant to be like. Recently I was surprised by the view that those of the LGBTQ+ community aren't eligible for ascension. Woah. Nothing can be further from the truth. Ascension is not about judgement; it isn’t about exclusion. You are responsible for your own ascension; it is the journey from your own darkness into your own light. Your darkness is your karma. So, if you are judging or having negative thoughts, negative speech or negative actions about others, then you are creating karma and increasing your own darkness. Judge not, we all need to look at ourselves to see how we can be more in our hearts. For those ascending the constant practice needs to be thoughts, speech and actions that originate in love.

Waireti and I are proud to be a part of, and support, the LGBTQ+ community.

We get lovely feedback all the time from clients. Here is a review of the healing shawls I want to share. We are ascension healers, not health healers, and so we have no affiliation with physical health, but it is nice to hear how the Masters shawls can support physical body medical practices.

I would like to recommend a healing shawl to everyone...

I bought one and gave it to my Mum. She was diagnosed with rare blood and bone cancer in March. She was waiting for her arm surgery. Since March she has been constantly wearing her healing shawl. On Wednesday her specialist told us that her arm is totally healed and there is no need for operation and her protein test (was on 23 in March) now is 1. With 0 she will be free of her diagnosis.

She is also using violet flame cream and her pains and numbness disappear.

I also used my first healing shawl after my surgery, and it helped me a lot.

It is fantastic for a headache. When I place it on my head, it only takes 10 minutes and pressure, or pain is gone.

Violet flame cream is also powerful. I use it from time to time because healing period of the cream lasts for days. After applying it to my left ankle, it takes a few minutes and pain or pressure disappears. - Australia

The healing shawls are made in the Ascended Masters portal by St Germain, Mother Mary and Dom Ignacio. On the website we have more reviews, with either the online product or on the testimonial page.

I receive emails periodically from people talking about feeling energy moving through their body. All those emailing feel it is negative, and often attribute it to entities. I want to address this misconception. We have 72,000 nadi's (tiny energy centres) in our energetic body. The seven chakras are the largest of these nadi's. As we ascend and our energies clear, blockages are felt, or rather the unblocking of pathways is felt, and this can feel like a crawling energy. Violet flame cream will help if the clearing doesn't pass in a matter of hours. But don't go into fear mode thinking it is entities or an attack. It is only your own energetic body doing it's thing, a bit like a stomach grumbling or passing gas, but on an energetic level. When something isn't understood we try to mould it into our current knowledge base for understanding, and for many, that means things happen to them, not for them.

We have this week reached the wonderful goal of 300 people having passed the Fifth initiation via the Ascended Masters portal. This means 300 people have left the cycle of rebirth and are on the next stage of their ascension. If you are sure what I mean by ascension you can read more here.