May 2021


I hope all is well with you.

A question came in recently about karma, and their lovely feedback led me to feel my response was worth sharing.

I know in past lives I have shot a person. How do I make amends? And can you tell me the difference between paying karma and clearings karma?

There is not much difference between paying karma and clearing karma.

Clearing refers to a collection of the same karma creating events, like swearing for example, and will be cleared in a minor way that you barely notice, maybe you get a cold. Paying karma is usually a bigger event, both in creation and payment. An example of payment could be a fall that causes pain and injury. This is why the Violet Flame oil is so good, because it clears the dross around karma and so a lot of the clearing is minor, and the payment is minimized or spread out. Unless the Lords of Karma deem otherwise

When you talk about wanting to help others due to a past life shooting, that isn’t your jurisdiction, though your heart is in the right place. You need to look at the bigger picture and start to see the complex interconnections that exist between people. You have probably had about 15,000 lives.

In those past lives, you have been killed by others many times, and you have killed others many times. It is not just one person. In past lives, many people have killed you, and you have killed many people, regardless of the weapon or method used. There is never just one event. There is always balance. So, do not think of one glimpse into the past is a confined event, it is part of a much bigger picture.

Your task is not to determine how to pay your karma. The Lords of Karma take care of the payment process and how it unfolds for everyone. This is a huge tapestry of interconnected threads, and the Lords maintain karmic balance amongst humanity. Relax into the knowledge the judgement for your karma is out of your hands and it will naturally unfold through life. Do not be mistaken in thinking your good deeds negate your bad karma. Payment is still claimed.

Your only task is to make sure you reduce your daily creation of karma – and you do that by working on positive thoughts, speech, and actions. Over time, the positive outlook changes to love, and your thoughts, speech, and actions then come from the heart. That is how the cycle of karma breaks, and this is how ascension occurs.

We received this amazing review for the Master's Love Spray:

“Before using the love spray, I found it very hard to open up in romantic relationships and would usually attract someone who "didn't want a relationship." After finishing the bottle of the love spray, I found I was able to attract several men with a very open heart who wanted true love and wanted that with me, who valued me as a person and made an effort into treating me kindly. I also found it easier to feel romantic love and open my heart, as well as open my heart up to love in general - to and from God, the universe, and other people, becoming more accepting and unified with the spirit of love even towards those very different from me or who used to "trigger me" into feeling annoyed and separate from them. I can also have better boundaries with my communication and know when and how to have loving communication that leads to connection, whereas before it could escalate easily into something negative and disconnecting. I found this enabled me to feel confident in my true heart's desire as to what I wanted to experience in a relationship and the love I receive.” - USA