Our Truth and Our Light


Here we are back again.

Waireti and I were talking and I nearly made a comment, but I stopped myself. I realized the comment I was about to make came through the lens of my mother. Meaning her influence over the years had affected and colored my voice. When I analyzed my potential comment, I realized it had no personal truth, only referred opinion. And therefore, my comment wasn’t coming from my Truth. How often is our speech a reflection of influence? Whether from family, friends, peers, or even the media. When I sat in my heart, all that arose was compassion and love. My realization of my truth bought me into a place of balance. 

For the longest time I have strived to have thoughts, speech hand actions based in love. Many times, I have failed to do this, and I acknowledge this. But when I catch myself, I promise to do better next time. But I need to also forgive myself for the thoughts, speech and actions that occur not from my truth, but due to influence from others. Being in our own truth means monitoring how we think, speak and act. We need to ask ourselves ‘Is this really our personal truth?’ Living our light means looking at Self in truth every moment of every day. 

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The Masters want to talk this week about the light and dark that resides in us. Some may call it our Yin and Yang, or the light and dark side of our being. As we ascend, we can view this light and darkness in different ways. First, we see everything as external to ourselves, we observe others and judge them for the choices they make within the context of their own light and dark. The dark side can bring up fear. And for many, the fear of the dark is greater than their trust in the light. Then as we ascend, we acknowledge darkness and light exists within ourselves. We determine these two parts of ourselves need to be bought into balance and accepted as part of our being. This all happens pre-fifth initiation. The fifth initiation is when we leave the cycle of rebirth and reincarnation is not an option. We have moved to a higher consciousness. Beyond the Fifth initiation and higher initiations, the initiate then begins to look at the darkness not as something to be balanced, but something to be eradicated from within themselves. They know that ascension is about becoming their purest Light, and this can only occur when every minutiae of darkness is gone from their being. To be in this state, they live in a state of continuous unconditional love. Their thoughts manifest not from the mind, but from their Sacred Heart. As do all their speech and actions. They realise they don’t need to control their mind, for they have moved into a state of divinity within their heart, and the mind has no energy to sustain it.

Ascension simply is the journey from our own darkness into our own light.

The Ascended Masters can help you ascend into this state of unconditional love. We have walked this path, we know how it is done. If this feels like something you want in this lifetime then I suggest our Ascension reading to determine your foundation for ascension. As always, we support your path, your power and your ascension.

Healing Shawls

We have quite a few Healing Shawl seconds. These have minor flaws in the material or were shawl samples. The energy in them is the same as full-price healing shawls. The healing shawls are great for physical, emotional and mental body healing. When you order the seconds healing shawls, you can tell us what colours you love, and which colours you don’t want. We are happy to have a conversation. We will suggest the ones that we feel fit your energy best.

Astral Body Clearing Crystals

Waireti also asked me to mention the Astral crystals. She was observing a group of people and could see the difference between those that have an astral crystal and those that didn’t. The astral crystal keeps the astral body clear all the time, this is turn lightens the energy. Those with clogged astral bodies can feel heavy and can feel they are carrying a weight. Often this isn’t noticed until they first have an astral body healing. Once they feel the difference, getting an astral crystal, means this feeling is maintained. If not, the astral body will start to clog up again.