September 2021


We all have personal lives and interactions and in mine I asked Maruata for some insight. He said “The core truth is everyone wants to be loved. Everyone.” My mind flitted around the world from high profile people in the news to friends, family and my local community, and this huge wave of understanding arose within me. We all respond positively to love, kind words, support, and recognition.

How different the world would be if with each encounter we acknowledged this, recognised this and acted from a place of love. This means putting to one side – ego, right and wrong, judgement, condemnation, anger and all the negative feelings that can arise. Give it a go and see how your day changes.

Archangel Grids

Many of you have the Ascended Master protection grids. This protection is against psychic attack and protection from entities attaching and feeding. The Archangels have stepped forward to expand upon the Masters grid with their own grid that sits over and melds into the Masters grid. The Archangels grid is protection from negative energies sent to humanity from the astral plane and from sources external to the planet. The positive feedback has been overwhelming. Many report greater clarity, feeling alive, gifts enhanced, feeling lighter, a clearer connection to guides, Ascended Masters and Archangels. This is an expansion grid, so the Ascended Masters grid must be in place first to anchor the Archangels grid. We have a discounted offer for both grids together.

blessings and much love to you.