September 2023 - A teaching from the Masters

I hope all is well with you.

The Masters keep dropping into my awareness the place of clearing in the ascension process.

The teaching below is what the Masters gradually dropped in via my second crown chakra. This second chakra is very rare and is a direct form of communication. The Masters don’t talk in this way often, so they must feel this is important. Don’t think they take advantage of this mode of communication. They wait for me to be ready, and then they respectfully download a single paragraph, and then they step back. They have taught us pretenders are verbose. The Masters teachings are measured and limited. This makes their teachings all the more treasured.

“Self-clearing is a commendable endeavour. It means you are actively working to increase your light. Every little bit helps. You have all been ascending on this journey for thousands and thousands of lifetimes. Is this your first life of consciously increasing your light? Or have you had many lives of slowly chipping away at what you perceive needs to be cleared. Perception of clearing and understanding of clearing are the issue for many. Clearing is a weight many of you have picked up. Can you feel it within yourself? We can feel it within many lightworkers.

We want to give you clarity and help you put this weight down. When did you first learn clearing was needed? Was it through a book, a chat with light minded people, a channelling? Or has it been an innate feeling? To us, it means you are putting your foot on the ascension path. This conscious step brings your Ascension Master closer. But this foot on the path has happened for many of you in many previous lifetimes. You might have been a monk or a devotee, and in those lifetimes, the foot was on the path not because of clearing but for love of a greater Being. In those lives you may have practiced love for all, kindness, and compassion, and you moved along the path. Only to die and return in a different life. I’m sure many of you can relate to past lives in some form of religious connection.

But you are all still here. So, let’s put the puzzle pieces together for you. We want to help you leave the cycle of rebirth. You can do it by yourself, or we can help. The path is yours. As we say, “Your path, your power, your ascension.”

We know you are attached to your processes and beliefs. Into this we want to add puzzle pieces and a broader awareness of what you need to do to leave the cycle of rebirth in this lifetime. The clearing you do is only a tiny aspect of what needs to occur. The true clearing that needs to happen occurs after the Sixth Initiation. It is reliant on you finding your Holy Heart and reliant on your Higher Self descending into your Holy Heart. With gentle kindness we introduce the idea that ascension to the Fifth Initiation is not so much about clearing, but about the payment of karma and that you strive not to make more karma. This is not easy. It means living in the heart so that your thoughts manifest from the heart as love. And your actions manifest from the heart as love. And your speech manifests from the heart as love. This is how you ascend, by manifesting from the heart. The mind wants to do, the mind wants to create stories, but ascension is only about love.”

Thanks to the Masters. Here is a link to read more about the Sacred Heart and Holy Heart.

Ganesh Portal

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